Seven Steps

To A Successful Restaurant Startup
  • Choosing The Right Cuisine

  • Find Your Ideal Customer

  • Choosing The Right Concept

  • Creating An Entertaining Theme

  • Developing A Tempting Menu

  • Your Startup Check List

  • Your Restaurants Blue Print

A Step-by-Step Breakdown

The EXACT Plan

I used to start my restaurant and catering businesses

To generate an INCOME

I Can Teach You This Very Plan.


Successfully Start & Run Your Restaurant

Learn the steps that will help you become the best restaurant and business owner. This course cuts through the confusion and introduces a better way for starting a new restaurant business.

Tools You Can Use For Your Startup and Other Businesses You May Start In Your Lifetime

Each step will give you the tools to not only start a restaurant but secure a future in the industry.

Easy To Follow & Effective Tasks

Learn the tasks you need to do during the startup phase. The course plan combines powerful lectures with worksheets and Q&A’s providing you with the industry’s most effective startup solutions.

This course will teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

Become a Stronger Restaurant Owner

Knowing what you need to do during your startup phase eases your anxiety and keeps your emotions in check. It leaves you with you more mental energy which enhances your physical stamina as you make important business decisions.

What You Will Learn
The 7 Step startup course plan is an ideal solution for all types of learners for those who have lots of time to dedicate to the course to those studying at their own pace, my course adjusts to your needs

    Your cuisine is the first thing to consider when planning your restaurant. What style of cooking will you be offering and serving? The course goes over cuisines that have successful track records and staying power and “Food Trends” which have paved a path for others to duplicate and profit.


    Now it’s time to find the customers who want the cuisine you are serving. Ultimately, the success of your restaurant hinges on knowing and satisfying your customers. How do you find those customers? Knowing your markets demographics, preferences, and habits will help you find your exact customer. The only way to get a true understanding of your ideal customer is to do target market research. Step 2  goes over the different methods used for researching your ideal customer.


    There are four restaurant concepts, and step 3  goes over each one in detail. After understanding how each one operates you will be able to choose and develop the one that best fits you and your restaurant’s ideas. Deciding on your CONCEPT is critical during your startup phase. You will need to make decisions that rely on your concept.


    Success is achieved by attracting customers to your restaurant as often as you possibly can. One of the efficient ways to drive more customers to your restaurant is creating an attractive and engaging restaurant theme. Finding the target customers, you and your restaurant are most like will influence the growth of your restaurant. At its most basic, a theme gives your restaurant an identity. With such stiff competition in the restaurant and food business, it is challenging for a restaurant to thrive. Step 4 shows you how to find a theme that connects with your cuisine, restaurant, target audience and your location.


    A well- planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its goals, most importantly keep your customers coming back to try more of what’s on it. The key to useful and practical menu design is not only creating something to entice your customers but being efficient and flexible. Many first-time restaurant owners are not even aware of the planning that goes into a menu. This step is the most time-consuming. Your menu is after all the first piece of marketing material your dining customer will see. This step will go over: Menu Planning Menu Formats Menu Descriptions Menu Pricing Menu Engineering Your menu has a lot of power over the income your restaurant brings in. It can make or break your business.


    To have the best chance of success in a new restaurant, you will want to be well prepared before you open your doors and feed your first guests! This step lays out a complete checklist for you to fill in. Having an organized checklist will help reduce a lot of stress. It will remind you of the tasks you have to perform when starting your business. It will guide you as you accomplish all the necessary tasks before opening day.


    The blueprint is an “action plan”! Before starting this final step, it is necessary that you complete all of the previous steps to complete this step accurately. The first six steps will add concreteness to your blueprint. A start-up is a new creation! Your blueprint is a prerequisite for developing your actual Business Plan! It’s a new business, and its story is yet to be written. Before you can open shop and comfortably start doing business, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it by the book. You also have to perform the tasks that bring your restaurant to life. This step goes over creating a blueprint that gets you to systematically thinking about your business.