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Coaching Consulting & a Plan  

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience” Albert Einstein

Consulting & Coaching  

I provide startup business education resources to help my clients build thriving, profitable and sustainable restaurants.

Before you dive into starting a restaurant, I want to start off by saying it is a tough industry!

Without a guide to follow or a support system to rely on, it can often turn into failure.

As a restaurant startup coach, I can truly prevent you from experiencing failure.

You shouldn’t be working to only SURVIVE, you should be planning to THRIVE as an owner!


Get Expert Advice from a Proven Successful Restaurant Owner

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Surround yourself with experienced owners, who have worked with startups to avoid making predictable mistakes. Learning from others offers more value than you can imagine.

Book time and I’ll try to answer some specific startup challenges and questions you may have.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Contact me TODAY  and Schedule your free introductory call today.

What Do I Do?

  • Act as your sounding board and help you navigate through all your decisions, both large and small.
  • Share specific expertise across a wide range of startup topics based on your situation.
  • Push you to focus on the root tasks and prioritize your time.
  • Drive results by building and establishing the right steps, to develop a functioning business and team.
  • Follow best practices and emulate the behaviors of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Identify and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Identify strategies to get your startup through difficult times.
  • I give honest and actionable feedback on your idea.
  • Assist in finding your business concept, your target customer, and the right location.
  • In addition to your startup, I will touch on your stress management, wellness strategies, and work-life balance.

My experience and expertise enable me to provide useful insight, practical advice, and actionable steps.

I know the ins and outs of running a business and have first-hand experience building food businesses from scratch.

I bring over two decades in running, starting, and selling food businesses.

Believe me, I made plenty of mistakes.

The good news is that I can help you avoid them.

Many startup failures are caused by making predictable and avoidable mistakes.

Most of those mistakes are due to a lack of quality guidance and learning by trial-and-error.

Coming Soon

A Unique Book with a Hands-On Guide to Starting Your First Restaurant

Are you contemplating starting a restaurant?

It’s a small investment to make before using your life savings and or finding investors.

It is a practical, comprehensive, easy-to-read, organized, and laid out, “how to” self-help business book.

Most importantly it was written by someone who knows what you are going through.

I know what it feels like to have a successful food business!

I want you to experience that too!

This book is a  stepping stone to finding out if you are the right fit for the industry!


“Start Your First Restaurant “- It’s a success plan, it’s a book – it’s a complete guide on what you must do during the startup phase.

Learn how to avoid mistakes.

The book covers legal responsibilities, finding the location, and creating menus. You will learn how to get the best prices on equipment and product inventory. The knowledge you will come away with many would not ever share.


The One-on-One 7-Step Plan

“The One-on-One 7- Step Coaching Plan” Oftentimes, a lot of entrepreneurs start their first restaurants blindly and try to learn as they go along.

If you want to leverage your success and not waste precious time and money, you need to think about the help of a restaurant coach with a plan.

My plan is the natural next step after reading my book if you are sure, you are ready to start your first restaurant.

The plan provides that opportunity to dive deeper into how to start your first restaurant.

I help you implement the steps along the way and provide the kind of interaction that you can’t get in a book.

When you are prepared you will know what to do when the unpredictable happens.

This service combines the Success Plan along with my Coaching Service.

To learn more about the plan and to purchase it.

How Do I Work With Clients

  • I keep it simple and straightforward.
  • I connect with my clients using live conversations via phone.
  • You get straight talk and conversations.
  • No long-term contracts, just schedule calls as needed.
  • No judgment, just empathy, and support.

Let’s Start the Conversation!

How far along are you on your restaurant ownership journey?

What kind of guidance would be helpful to you right now?


$65001 Hour
  • 60 minute session

4 Hours

  • SAVINGS OF $60!
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Jeannette Goldman

Restaurant Coach

I can prevent you from making the typical mistakes startup entrepreneurs make.

I’ve been there!

I took on my first restaurant alone.

I experienced those startup mistakes firsthand.

It was a difficult and challenging experience, and I almost stepped back from being in the business.

But I didn’t instead develop a formula for starting up restaurants.

TODAY I share the formula with all who are wanting to be successful first-time restaurant owners!

Learn More About Jeannette

Frequently Asked Questions

My answer always is “to know what it’s going to cost or what you will need to invest, you need to do your research.”

If you’re looking for a strategy or need help with a lingering issue, coaching can help you focus and create a solution.

(We do not share your data with anybody, and only use it for its intended purpose)

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Defining the 7 Steps

Step 1 Choosing the Right Cuisine People visit a restaurant first and foremost for good food! Your cuisine is



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