With Jeannette Goldman

Chef, Restaurant Consultant & Media Business Owner

The Greatest Impact a Person Can Have Is Helping Others Make Their Dreams Come True!

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many people and I know that dream very well because it was once mine too.

Starting any new restaurant is scary, but you don’t have to go it alone.

The best thing about a startup restaurant coach is you have a personalized team of two!

I have successfully started and run restaurants and share what I’ve learned so others can start and build their own successful restaurants. I know the challenges you face as an independent restaurant startup. I’m here to answer your questions, bounce off ideas and give honest and realistic professional feedback.

Having a restaurant startup coach can prevent you from making the typical mistakes startup entrepreneurs make. I have made all the mistakes and I can save you time and money by avoiding those mistakes.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazingly talented chefs and restaurant owners. This experience led me on my successful journey as an owner and I want to help you with yours.

During our coaching calls, I teach entrepreneurs all my strategies and techniques for starting and growing a restaurant.

Coaching calls are sixty minutes in length and are conducted by Skype or phone.

Let’s get started TODAY!

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