With Pat Walsh

Financial Advisor, Banker & Restaurant Owner

Pat Walsh
Do You Have a Business Plan?

Even if you don’t have one completed, why not find out where your deficiencies are and give yourself the best possible chance of achieving funding and success for your business.

There are lots of web sites, software programs and books out there that can help you create a business plan but no matter what your projections say you won’t get far unless the plan, is based in reality.

Having your plan reviewed by a professional business banker before you present it to lenders can give you insight. You learn what investors look for in a plan and how to grab their attention right out of the shoot.

When you purchase our plan review services you get Pat Walsh a professional business banker. Pat not only has several years of business banking experience, but has owned two successful restaurants and catering company and has worked for SYSCO and Kraft Food-service, two of the leading suppliers in the Restaurant industry.   Education -BS Business Administration, Fredonia State University, Fredonia NY

She will read, review, and provide a written, comprehensive report as to the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan. In addition to the report you receive a one on one hour, Q&A coaching call. During this call you can go over any financial questions you have.

Let us review your plan so you don’t lose the opportunity to show what your businesses is financially capable of earning and achieving.

Business Plan Review Services

We have 2 review options you can choose from

Standard - $297

We spend time reviewing your materials and prepare a written evaluation of your business plan and financial model. One 1- hour of telephone consulting to answer your questions and offer additional guidance.

Detailed - $797

We spend several days reviewing your materials, preparing a detailed written evaluation, and making as many improvements to your business plan and financial model. Two 1-hour telephone consulting to answer your questions and offer additional guidance.

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