Start-up Specialist

Our team offers in-depth expertise in starting restaurants.

There is so much involved in starting a restaurant; it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose focus unless guided.

Our restaurant startup services will take you through laser-focused tasks during the early stages.

We help you get your restaurant off the ground and moving in a successful direction.


Brand Awareness

The brand development process starts before the restaurant opens.

We understand the importance of standing out in such a competitive industry.

Our restaurant branding services strategically plan and customize to your specific type of restaurant concept.

Since you are a new restaurant, we will show you how to get in front of your target audience. We help you develop a strong brand, personality, and successful identity.

A brand can boost name recognition and be one of the reasons your dining customers will come back repeatedly. If the food is good, the brand will help customers remember and recommend the restaurant.

We believe branding your restaurant during your startup phase is extremely important!

Our branding awareness services include:

Implementing Marketplace Positioning – We help you discover your target customers and develop the best strategies for introducing your restaurant to them.

Cuisine and Visual Presence – Once you know your target customers, it’s time to showcase your cuisine(s). They need to know what food selections and what concept your restaurant will be delivering and serving the cuisine in, for example, will it be a; fast food, fast casual, casual or fine dining experience.

Advertising and Marketing Plan- Now that we have your target customers, your cuisine(s) and concept defined its time create and choose the best formats to reach all of your customers directly.


One on One Personalized Restaurant Startup Coaching Calls

Individualized coaching sessions are sixty minutes in length and are conducted over the telephone.

One-on-one, are valuable not only will they help you set goals they track your progress in achieving those goals.

Why am I a good restaurant startup coach?

First, I have made all the mistakes possible that someone can make. I have learned from my mistakes; I did not give up on my dream of being a restaurant owner. I turned my mistakes and experiences into a successful plan.

Second, that very plan helped me to start, run and even sell successful food businesses. 

I want to coach and teach others how to accomplish the same success I did!

As your startup coach, I understand your dreams and aspirations.

My goal is to make your restaurant business develop into exactly the way you imagine it.

The greatest thing about a startup restaurant coach is you have a personalized team of two!

I start first by giving my clients a strength assessment.

It is a comprehensive self-analysis based on evaluating and validating the strengths you can bring to your restaurant business.


Finding trusted restaurant startup resources designed to help you during the birth of your business can be overwhelming.

We offer FREE resources to startup restaurant entrepreneurs to answer many of the questions they have.

You will have access to information on the trends in this rapidly changing industry-with practical knowledge, insights from leaders in the field, best practices, research, and tools you can use during your startup and running your restaurant every day. 

Where Do I Begin?

What Amount of Money Should I Have for My Startup?

What Professional and Legal Procedures Need to Be Done (such as taxes, licenses, business permits and business plans)?

How Do I Find the Perfect Location?

Have I Picked a Successful and Desirable Cuisines?

How Do I Create an Attractive Restaurant Theme?


A flexible online course for all restaurant startup entrepreneurs. The 7 Step System is an ideal solution for all types of learners.

Seven Steps

To A Successful Restaurant Startup
  • Choosing The Right Cuisine

  • Find Your Ideal Customer

  • Choosing The Right Concept

  • Creating An Entertaining Theme

  • Developing A Tempting Menu

  • Your Startup Check List

  • Your Restaurants Blue Print

For those who have lots of time to dedicate to the course to those studying at their own pace, my course adjusts to your needs.

The Online Course combines powerful lectures with worksheets and Q&A’s providing you with the industry's most effective startup solutions.

It is a personalized plan with everything you need to prepare for your startup all in one place.

If you want to be notified when the course doors open please join our website below!