One Of Restaurants Not So Dirty Little Secretes

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Make It Easy For Your Customer to Find Your Restrooms


One Of Restaurants Not So Dirty Little Secretes

Where Are They?

Why Are Some So Gross?

Yes, restaurant restrooms are usually an uncomfortable subject but one that needs to be addressed!

We all have been to a restaurant and had to use the restrooms.

Sometimes, they aren’t easy to find.

Some all you have to do is follow the smell!

The restroom should be easy to find yet be out of sight of diners.

If you are sitting at a table anywhere in the restaurant, you should not be able to see inside the restroom.

Make it less of a problem for you customers. They will appreciate it!

Something else your customer will appreciate even more than finding it easily is using it without getting grossed OUT!

Many times patrons want to wash their hands as soon as they get into the restaurant, and before they order or eat.

You Don’t Want To Ruin Their Appetite!

Plus you may have just lost a customer and all the possible customers he knows. 

I don’t NEED to go into detail cause you know if your restrooms are disasters.

If you hate handling the duties, someone else will, ruining  yourDELEGATE.

Check this restroom sink out!

 restroom sink at ford restaurant


A referral from a satisfied customer who was dining at FORDS GARAGE Restaurant.

I used the facilities and was totally wowed! All I can say ladies is DON’T take your husbands here if you are looking for a bathroom remodel until it is done….( or you will definitely end up with old tires as sinks, it was so inspiring….glad my bathroom is done, or I think I would have even been tempted to copy them.)

KEEP your restrooms clean and looking COOL!

Have separate ones for your staff!

Pay an employee a cash bonus for cleaning (your dishwasher needs the money)

Just do something, so you never scare off customers with the condition of your restrooms.

It’s a tough and competitive business without having your bathrooms running your reputation.


rest rooms for customers

Where Is The Restroom!


Restrooms will often be located near the entrance to the restaurant so people can easily find them.


Other locations for restrooms:

Near the back of the restaurant to discourage walk-ins/ public foot traffic who are not coming to eat just to use the facility.

They may also be located close to the kitchen, for easy use by the staff. I’m not to crazy about this but many are. Food should be nowhere in sight and certainly not within reach of a bathroom.

I’m not too crazy about this! In fact, it makes me nauseous

Food should be nowhere in sight and certainly not within reach of a bathroom.

No matter where they are located, make sure your customers can immediately recognize them. This way they don’t forget and have to go looking again when they need it, thus wasting valuable time especially if they have a limited amount of time to eat.

It’s also vital that it’s easy to remember their way back to their table, so fellow diners don’t laugh as they watch customers stumble around trying to find their way back to the table.

bathroom directions

It’s also helpful to have your wait staff or hostess simply let your patrons know where they are! 

It’s always about making your customer comfortable and sometimes the things that may not seem important… ARE…


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