One Potato Two Potato Keep Your Customer Happy Find A Good Purveyor

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One Potato Two Potato Keep Your Customer Happy Find A Good Purveyor

When it comes to preparing and selling food whether you’re on the restaurant side or purveyor’s side creativity is necessary if you want to keep your customers happy.

Just look at what the Idaho Potato Commission a state agency responsible for promoting and protecting the famous Potato.

Check out their new campaign to entice chefs on what they can do to make the potato appealing on their menu.

Established in 1937, the Idaho Potato Commission even has its own official website!

They know their not the only spud on the block!

Potatoes come in all different sizes, shapes, tastes and colors just like restaurants and cuisines.

If you want to make an impression and stand out from your competition you got to serve something delicious and creative.

I was impressed with the latest advertising campaign.-“Potato Pairings”

Recipes and photos of what can be done to increase sales with their favorite spud.

Bacon Bomb Sandwich


Just like the IDAHO POTATO commission you have to be committed to satisfying your customer and that means constantly pleasing them and on occasion turning them on to new things.

If you’re planning on starting your own restaurant be sure the company’s you’ll be purchasing your products and produce from are reputable and their sales reps are experienced.

A major part of your business’s income is keeping your food costs and labor under control. Who you purchase from and what you purchase is plays a big part of your food cost and labor!

If you want insight in  finding the right company to purchase your inventory from- Start Your Restaurant Business.Com Associate Pat Walsh can assist you.

She is a Financial Advisor, Banker, and was once a Restaurant Food Sales Rep and Restaurant Owner. She has owned 2 restaurants and worked for two leading industry restaurant purveyors, SYSCO and Kraft Food Service. 

 As a Food Service Marketing Associate, Pat coordinated and supplied bulk foods, supplies, and equipment to accounts capable of purchasing quantities and paying in terms.

She made an extra effort as salesrep to introduce and make sure her customers had an inside view of new products. She took the time to customize what her customers were interested in and new exactly what purchased on a weekly or monthly basis. If a new item was introduced to her  that she knew her customers would be interested in she made sure they had samples and up to date information outlining the products.

She has been a business owner and a business banker. More importantly, she can help develop a restaurants ordering, operational and financial procedures.

Start Here if you want to work with Pat and startyourrestaurant TODAY!



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