Off-Premise Restaurant Startups On The Rise In America

It’s one of the most substantial growth areas in the food industry!

Off-premise restaurant services include Catering, Curbside pick up, Takeout, Drive-thru, and Delivery!

If you had plans to open a food business in 2020, I’m sure you are reconsidering. This moment in history is one of the scariest times the restaurant industry will experience.

Don’t give up; you may want to reconsider an off-premise restaurant.

A 2018 study by Morgan Stanley found that 43 percent of consumers who ordered delivery said takeout replaced a meal at a restaurant. Keep in mind this was before Covid-19 was in thought.

The National Restaurant Association predicts that 70 percent of meals will be takeout by 2020.

Catering, Curbside Pick up, Takeout, Drive-thru, and Delivery

Although pizza and fast food drive-thru windows once dominated the off-premise, today just about any food Sushi to prime rib can be delivered with speed and deliciousness.

Why eat at a sit-down when you can order a meal online and have it delivered wherever and whenever your stomach desires it.

Don’t get me wrong; there is a lot to research and plan to start an off-premise restaurant. It takes more than stocking to-go containers and carryout bags. But today’s vast array of packaging choices makes temperature control easier while meeting operator price points and sustainability preferences. To be successful, you need to devote the same amount of time and care to off-premise as you would with starting a dine-in.

I Started An Off-Premises Restaurant

In the 1990’s I opened Corporate Catering, an off-premise delivery restaurant.

The economy was shaky, but it didn’t stop me. My experience catering to businesses and their employees, such as  Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Kodak, and NY Universities, for several years, convinced me of the need.

Finding companies like the ones above, and locating my catering business near them became my goal. It didn’t make sense for me to start my off-premises restaurant where I was living; it was saturated and competitive. During my research stage, I found  Clearwater Florida was constructing business parks, and companies were relocating their corporate headquarters there. Several companies had already put down roots such as Honey Well, Transitions Optical, and Raymond James, to name a few.

Fortunately, some of my immediate family had moved to Florida in the ’70s and ’80s. During those years, I had vacationed and spent summers during my school breaks. I was familiar with the area and loved visiting as a teenager.  The cold weather of NY played a minor reason I left, starting my business in Florida played a significant role. I was confident that starting Corporate Catering was the best decision.


I can’t emphasize the importance of researching enough! Before making any commitments and spending any money, you have to be sure. My experience, combined with all my thorough research, helped me start and run Corporate Catering successfully.

After five years, I was able to sell Corporate Catering for a substantial profit. The sale and profit allowed me to start other businesses and continue my entrepreneurial journey then and now!

Off-Premise Restaurant Startups On The Rise In America

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Your startup phase is the most important; it’s the birth of your dream come true!

If you don’t do or know the most important steps to be done at the beginning will jeopardize your chance for long term success. Whether you are a dine-in or off-premise restaurant, you need to be sure you have everything from equipment, to food, to cleaning supplies, to transportation ready to go.

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