Nothing Teaches As Well As The Voice Of Restaurant Experience!

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Nothing Teaches As Well As The Voice Of Restaurant Experience!

What contributes to a restaurant’s success and what causes some restaurants to fail?


What Contributes To A Restaurants Success!

I’m going to be completely honest here, the best preparation for starting your own restaurant is to first work in one.

While you should certainly take my 7 Steps to a Successful Restaurant Startup online course, you should also plan to work in a restaurant for at least a few years.

I worked in a variety restaurants for seven years doing as many jobs as possible.

I closely watched people doing different jobs in the restaurant. I wanted to understand the various positions. I reminded myself I was getting paid to learn instead paying for an expensive culinary degree.

It’s important to work in a restaurant, pizzeria, deli, bakery, or catering business that’s similar to the one you plan to start.

Even after working in different restaurants you may still not have a decided on one. Don’t rush it’s important to find the best  match for you and your potential market.

Working different positions, in the front of the house, back of the house, bar-tending, hosting, serving, cooking, covering all aspects of the restaurants operation, because when you’re an owner, no matter what comes up, you need to be able to jump in and handle it because it’s your baby.

But just because I worked in a variety of restaurants it didn’t mean I was ready to open one. There is a lot to do in the startup of a restaurant that you don’t learn or experience when working in one.

What Causes Restaurants To Fail

As I said before there is a lot to do in the startup of a restaurant that you don’t learn or experience when working in one.

I Know How Difficult It Is To Get Started Because I Was Once Where You Are Right NOW!

The set of demands that come with starting a restaurant for the first time can be overwhelming.




Through my years of being a restaurant entrepreneur and spending over three decades in the industry, I’ve experienced successes and failures. Both have taught me what to do and what not to do!

One of the most important things is to know exactly what strategies have to be in place before opening your doors!


There are strategies that you have to put in place!

Not knowing those strategies can cause you to fail!


Nothing Teaches As Well As The Voice Of Restaurant Experience!

I created the 7 Steps To A successful Restaurant Startup to help prevent those from failing.


The startup course offers a formula breakdown of how to develop a restaurant concept from the ground up before opening your doors.

It explains the steps in the startup process and does so through a visual framework. The business startup framework model is segmented into the major elements which will define your restaurant.

Each Step addresses a key segment of the restaurant startup and intermittent questionnaires and worksheets help you retain the material.

You can take this course at your leisure, purchase only the steps you need or purchase the entire online course.

I recommend you take this while your working in a restaurant so it assists you in your decision process or take before you decide if the restaurant industry is the right career move.

This course will give you the knowledge and courage to motivate you to go forward with your plans or lead you to take a step back and redirect your career in another direction completely.

Either way it is a great educational and inexpensive prerequisite for entering the restaurant business.

Let my experience and voice guide you in the right direction!


I Wish You Much Success!


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