Many who get into the restaurant business have no experience, you are not alone.

It is one of the most popular businesses people want to open!

Maybe you’re a great cook as Anthony Bourdain covered well in Kitchen Confidential but he made it clear “cooking well at home is not the same as cooking professionally.”

I’m not saying you should abandon the idea!

Just take the time to educate yourself on the industry by doing the right research.

Before taking the plunge talk to successful people in the industry.

How you start a restaurant, essentially determines either your success or failure in business.

You are an idea person and imagining the possibilities may come naturally.

Doing the necessary startup steps can’t come so naturally if you have never done them before!

It is information you need to learn if you have no business startup experience.

How you start a restaurant, essentially determines either your success or failure in business.

execute your idea

It’s Essential To Have A Startup Plan To Execute Your Idea

Entrepreneurs are often passionate about their ideas, they plow ahead, only to spend valuable dollars on unnecessary activities.

I’m not saying you can’t be successful, or your idea is not going to make it.

Sometimes the idea works anyway, despite a lack of experience and research, but that is rare.

Unfortunately, many times, the idea crashes and burns!

I can help you avoid the latter.

The restaurant industry is one of the most difficult!

Let My Resources and Experience Show You How to Avoid Failure

I suggest you begin by taking my Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to measure your strengths, skills, and achievements.

The goal is to find anything that can give you an advantage if you become a restaurant owner.

I offer ONE FREE 45 minute consultation phone call and written feedback from your assessment responses. This call will help guide you in your decision-making process.

You may want to download another FREE resource I have available on the site Restaurant Startup Checklist.

The necessary steps you should follow to start a restaurant business.

It’s a “to do” list for starting a new business. I developed this list during my restaurant ownership experiences.

It contains a high-level listing of the tasks you need to complete in starting your new business.

Seven-Step Restaurant Startup Success Plan

The plan cuts through the confusion and introduces a step-by-step way of starting a new restaurant.

You will learn what it takes to start a restaurant, regardless of your lack of experience or knowledge in the industry.

By the time you have gone through the success plan, you will have acquired resources to develop a winning restaurant startup strategy.