Why Your New Restaurants Needs To Be On Instagram

With more than 600 million users on the photo-based social media platform Instagram, is a great place to increase brand awareness for your restaurant with the right strategy.
Instagram has been at the center stage for some years now showing off food and beverage trends.
Using Instagram can strengthen your customer reach and help you stand out in the crowd.

So your new restaurant is getting closer to opening day and you want to start showing off your talent and location.
Customers want to be able to connect to the people behind your counters, kitchen, and floor service, therefore make sure to show off the faces and the stories of your employees. These kinds of personal touch gives your soon to be audience a place to connect.
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What is unique about your restaurant?
Whatever your uniqueness is- show it off VISUALLY!
For example, if a restaurant says we are unique because we use fresh and local ingredients, show them off.
Here some facts from the Simply Measured analysis a social analytic company, who are leading the data-driven social marketing revolution.

Just The Facts

Users are quickly getting used to brand content on Instagram consumers are willing to follow and engage with restaurants on the social network.
Likes and comments for brand following have more than doubled since last year.

Single posts on Instagram get awesome engagement! Instagram followers are willing to like and comment on individual photos and videos.
You’ll get 50% of your engagement within 6 hours on Instagram.
Fifty percent of comments come within the first 6 hours after you’ve posted on Instagram.
Seventy-five percent come within the first 48 hours total, so you still get some traction even a couple days later.
Instagram photo caption length doesn’t matter.
The average length of a photo caption by brands Simply Measured tracked was 138 characters, but there is no statistically significant correlation between caption length and consumer engagement.
Instagram photo caption content does matter.
Posts that include at least one mention of another @ site on Instagram receive 56% more engagement.

How To Get Your New Restaurant On Instagram

First things first. Sign up for an Instagram account through email or Facebook.
Then brand your page by choosing the username consistent with your other accounts and adding your profile photo or logo, bio and website URL.
Are you looking for how your restaurant can increase engagement, take a look at these  tips for running a contest on Instagram.

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