The Sky’s the Limit: Mile-High Dining in Monte Carlo

Your restaurant’s name and location play a major role in attracting customers. Success is achieved by drawing customers to your restaurant as often as you possibly can. It is how you connect with your customer, on a personal level.

Though I admire their entrepreneur spirit, Sky’s the Limit is out of the ordinary and will only draw a specific audience, those who dig heights while eating. If it is bringing enough customers to support it who are we to judge!?

The name of your restaurant gives it a personality, and your location says you are part of the neighborhood. There is significant evidence that customers enjoy dining at a restaurant they can identify with, one which matches their values and personality.

Choosing a restaurant name is as important as deciding what type of cuisine you are going to serve and your location reflects who is going to come and eat that cuisine.

The critical thing to consider when choosing a restaurant name.

What impression will leave on customers?

Will it be memorable?

Can they pronounce or spell it? If they are trying to find information online about it, don’t make them feel like they are at spelling bee when searching for it.

Often naming a restaurant can be related to the restaurant’s location.

The “Pink Taco” a Mexican restaurant that got its start in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel is an excellent example of both the name and location working as a dual attraction.

When I think of PINK, I think to get this “party started”a song made famous by pop singer PINK! Seems only fitting that the restaurant’s very first location was at the Hard Rock.

Besides PINK the musical artists the color pink is a favorite of many people too. Let’s not forget the popularity of TACOS in the USA. It’s become a family and friends food of choice at get-togethers.

Here’s an ad for their website for their food truck catering services!

Spice up your next event with the Pink Taco Food Truck!

Our truck is perfect for corporate lunches, large-scale parties, weddings, music festivals, and other events on a grander scale.

How do you make your restaurant stand out?

Give it an attention-grabbing name!

Some say naming your restaurant is like naming a child.

You want it to be perfect.

You want it to represent your brand and stand out from the competition.

When a name is linked to a business like a restaurant, it becomes part of the identity. When someone hears it should evoke a good feeling or intrigue or curiosity if they’ve never been there or heard of it.

If you plan to feature a particular cuisine, such as Chinese, Italian or Mexican, you might consider a name that reflects that ethnicity.

If you’re opening a casual Diner geared to a breakfast and lunch crowd, you won’t want a pretty name like Julia’s Cafe. You might want to call it Jacks Hotcakes and Sandwich Shack, get your brand message across.

Two Tips to Keep When Creating Your Restaurants Name

~Make a List of Possible Names

If you already have a name in mind,  ask friends and family members what they think or ask them for suggestions. If they’re the type of customers you want to attract getting their input is valuable.

~Avoid Names That Are Hard Pronounce or Spell

Remember your name is going to be in lots of marketing and media material!

If no one can pronounce your restaurant’s name, they most likely won’t be able to spell it.  They won’t be able to find you on the internet if they’re looking for your website.

Make sure your name is easy and memorable for customers to find your restaurant. For example, The Pink Taco is far easier to remember, say, and spell than La Petunia Hacienda.

What’s in a name?

Pretty much everything considering it’s the first contact customers will have with your restaurant.

What’s in a Location?

Finding a location for your restaurant is more than just choosing a building or storefront.

Opening your restaurant in your town, or even any town or city for that matter, consider it like naming your restaurant making easy to spell or say, it should be easy and convenient to find.

Many cities and towns have stringent zoning requirements. Make sure your restaurant is even allowed there before you sign the lease. You’ve worked hard to develop your concept, cuisine, and name you don’t need to be dealing with zoning issues that can slow or prevent you from opening your restaurant.

There are many things to consider when starting a restaurant. This post touched upon two crucial aspects naming and locating your restaurant.

There is much more you need to know to start your restaurant, and it’s no wonder why the failure rate in this industry is depressingly high.

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