When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie In Five Minutes

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When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie In Five Minutes…

Did You Know-National Pizza Month is observed in the month of October every year in the United States and some areas of Canada?


You don’t have to be from NY (which I am) or CHICAGO (I do love a good deep dish from time to time) to be a pizza snob. If you’re one of those people who eat pizza at least once a week-you’re addicted but even if you’re not, you can now be assured you can get it faster than ever before.

The pizza business has its advantages it’s a great restaurant CONCEPT to own. Are you thinking about starting one?

“I believe pizzeria owners have a different passion than other restaurateurs. We have the satisfaction of representing a product that is beloved by the entire world. Being a part of that brings me the biggest joy. It’s almost a type of fantasy job, I love being part of it.” Rob, Hearth Pizza Tavern- Cumming, Georgia

Last year, Americans ordered more than 5.5 billion pizzas, according to the market research company NPD Group, more than any restaurant item other than burgers and fries.

Dough Experience + Business Experience + Location + Delivery + Fantastic Service + Great Looking & Great Tasting Pizza= Success

Well there might be a few things missing from the above equation but pizza is still a viable business. Make no mistake; it is not as easy as it looks.

Pizza ingredients are decidedly more expensive than ever, and pizza concepts do go out of business. NEVERTHELESS, people still have the desire to own one!

Moreover, for those pizza entrepreneurs technology is on your side and that’s an industry team you want to be on.

If those techies can help your business produce pizza faster than the speed of light, sound, and a locomotive it can only help your bottom line.

In the past three years, the swift growth of the top-your-own pizza segment has people flipping and tossing their way to pizza heaven.

Personalizing and Fast is the name of the game!

When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie In Five Minutes…




You can now walk into any fast casual pizza place and ask for a pizza (not a slice) topped with whatever you want and get it within 5 minutes!

That’s right 5 minutes!!!

High-speed ovens are a huge reason for this easy baking, quick making pizza pie miracle.

conveyor pizza ovens


This is not your MOTHER’S EASY BAKE OVEN

original easy bake oven


Vintage 1960’s Aqua Easy Bake Oven With Pans Works!

Consumers want their pizza fast, but they aren’t going to sacrifice quality, dough technology has evolved as well and new ovens work well with this food chemistry, such as proof time, blend and protein content of the flour said Pie Five CEO Randy Gier.

High-heat ovens are as old as pizza itself. The difference is now it’s calculable and even more controllable. Technology has improved with computer-controlled modules for controlling some of the heat in ovens. Pizza makers still need to have some personal control over the intensity of the flame though.

pizza oven 1 pizza oven 2

Wood- and coal-fired pizza ovens also provide a strong marketing advantage to pizzerias.



How many times have I used the word fast in this post? I can’t keep up with myself!

The ‘primitive’ ambiance of fire, food and warmth, coupled with the ‘theater’ of a wood-fired oven, cannot be duplicated by gas or electric ovens. People will always have a special affection for a true wood-fired oven experience.”—Floyd McCalmont, Pig Iron Pizza Ovens

When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie In Five Minutes…

With names like “TURB O CHEF” it won’t be long before they make a movie a bout a Pizza Hero-Captain America Pizza Man…Makes Pizza Faster Then A Speeding Bullet…

Tturbo Chef Oven

 Now it’s time for the fastest Pizza Maker in WORLD!

In under a minute in a half!!! Yes that’s right folks step right up you got to see it to –beliveat




Oven technology will continue to evolve and will continue to drive the fast-growing fast casual pizza segment.

Maybe it’s a fast casual pizza business calling your name? 

Call on us if you need help!

Check out this successful Pizza Man carving out a niche one slice at time!


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