to Mobile Ordering Helps Restaurants Recover From The Shutdown

The pandemic has been massive for mobile ordering, driving more consumers to download restaurant apps and sign up for restaurant loyalty programs.

As sales have improved, owners have been able to cut down on labor costs. While making sales improve, the downside jobs are going to be lost. It makes sense to pass some income towards paying those employees who are dependable and enjoy being part of your business.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Surge

“This was an opportunity for restaurants to bring self-service to a much greater number of people than they ever were going to,” Mobiquity VP of Strategy and Analytics Brian Levine said. He noted restaurant chains typically use “massive advertising campaigns” featuring free items to get people to use the app. The pandemic did it for free.

After all, customers concerned about the virus have been pushing for contactless ordering strategies. Anything that enables them to eat restaurant food without eating in a restaurant has surged, as customers lined up at drive-thrus and demanded delivery, unlike at any time in history. Mobile ordering fits right in, and the higher demand has provided a steep advantage to chains that made investments in that business before the pandemic.

Companies Who Have Seen Substantial Increases In Digital Sales

Digital sales now account for three-quarters of Domino’s sales, for instance.

Wendy’s digital sales doubled to 5% of sales in the second quarter.

Starbucks, mobile ordering was 22% of transactions in the last quarter.

Popeyes, Burger King, and Tim Hortons, digital now represent 8% of their total sales.

At Yum Brands, who operates KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Burger Grill, digital business skyrocketed during the pandemic. Digital sales globally rose $1 billion in the second quarter and now represent 30% of the company’s system sales.

If it’s working for the big guys, it will work for little guys!

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