How Do You Make A Restaurant Or  Winery Stand Out These Days In Seattle?

Given Seattle’s position on the Pacific Rim, it is a truly international city. Seattle has grown from a pioneer settlement of the USA to the largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest.
How do you make your startup or existing businesses survive in such a competitive city?
How do you make a restaurant stand out in Seattle these days?

Arthur’s a Clean Eating restaurant opening March of 2017 is going to be run by hands-on owners Rebecca Rice and Sara Levin.  It will be one of the few places in West Seattle that are open “all-day, all-night breakfast and lunch … plus they will be offering an old school shuffleboard, a game many bars offered back in the day.

The idea behind the restaurant is to provide a friendly neighborhood food destination. The restaurant and bar that offers a place for friends, neighbors, and guests from all walks to gather over good food in a beautiful and entertaining atmosphere.
One thing they are doing to stand out besides opening for breakfast is creating a “clean eating” restaurant suggesting that whole foods are not only better for you but also delicious.
CLEAN EATING has several advantages.

How do you make a winery stand out in Seattle these days?

Seattle Washington winery tasting rooms now seem to outnumber fruit stands and taco trucks.
Who is running these many wineries?
“People with a passion for wine, with a sort of pioneering sense of purpose, and they’re just out there going for it,” says wine commission President Steve Warner of the “mom-and-pop” wineries, whose proprietors are a mix of young and old, from many lifestyles.
Staying small, it seems, is the secret to these wineries.
STAYING SMALL has several advantages. Winery proprietors can do much of the work themselves, keeping expenses down. They can sell most of their wine directly to consumers, with little spent on marketing and no chunks of the pie going to distributors and retailers.
“We can stay at a size that feels comfortable, it’s more of a European lifestyle, creating something on your own land, selling it there and staying connected, doing the labor yourself.” Milum Perry explains.
Katy and Milum Perry are producing some award-winning estate wines. In particular, their Sauvignon Blanc has won double gold at the Seattle Wine Awards.
“There’s nothing like going in and meeting the people who make it and getting to know them,” says the wine commission’s Warner.
Meet Katy and Milum Perry, working their winery not just out front but behind the scenes.

It’s All About Doing Something Different To Stand Out From Your Competition

 Arthur’s and its owners are great examples of restaurateurs that know the importance of standing out and drawing customers to their business.  If you are a new owner or about to be an owner, I hope you’ve been taking notes.
Arthur’s is named after Rebecca Rice’s father whose picture will be behind the bar and whose lineage is Australian.
Rice started when she was 15, working as a “Sandwich Artist” at Subway, then later on to FX McRory’s, up to Capitol Hill where she spent time as the Manager.
” I like creating a space and an environment for people. I take a lot of pride in doing that, in making each person’s experience unique to them,” said Rice.
The key ingredient to running a successful restaurant or winery is PASSION if you have that then you will naturally develop what will set you apart from rest!
It’s not just survival of the fittest; it’s more like what do you have that your competition doesn’t?