Should You Make The Leap Into Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Not everyone is cut out for it, but if you have the guts and a dream, entrepreneurship can lead to a fulfilled and successful life.
You get to set your own schedule, you get to be in charge and answer to yourself and not some manager or boss.
Let’s face it we spend half our lives at a job or doing some kind of work. Doing something you love or doing something that makes you miserable affects all areas of your life especially your personal life.
There are fears that you have to overcome to start and grow a successful restaurant that makes money and leads to true freedom.
We can be our own worst enemy having self-limiting beliefs within ourselves. Then there is the negative voice of others who don’t get it, are jealous or are afraid for us.
These fears can stop us, or become experiences that help us become stronger entrepreneurs.

We all have a choice.
If you can ignore hating what you do for a living and look at it as just a paycheck, then entrepreneurship is probably not for you!
If you can leave your work life and all its politics behind once, you walk out the door, then entrepreneurship is probably not for you!
BUT, if you have a burning desire to share or contribute any talents you have to make the world a better place and want to control your own destiny, being an entrepreneur could be part of who you are meant to be.
If you believe in yourself then you are capable of making your own goals happen.
So why should you consider spending your working hours on something that is yours?
This question haunted me until I realized if I was going to give my all during my restaurant career I wanted to give my all to my own cause and working for myself eventually was the only way and answer.
At a job, your raises and promotions are the exceptions, not the rule. Your earning potential is controlled no matter how long you stay at that job.
Life is short you don’t a get a second chance to get time back. Being a business owner and doing what you love gives you the ability to control and balance your time.
When you build your dream restaurant, it can carry on to your kids and their kids. What starts as a dream for you can end as something that’s in your family for generations. Think of how many lives you can influence and change for the better.
I could on and on about why you should be a restaurant entrepreneur!
I’m talking from experience, not like someone who wished they’d followed their dream!
I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor.
It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur!
You work hard many people can’t understand why and think you’re fearless and even irresponsible for taking such a chance.
You know you’re an entrepreneur when your dream and vision turns into action. That form of energy is hard to describe. I often tell people you feel like nothing can stop you!
I’d like to add one more piece of advice as you decide if being an entrepreneur is for you.
I’ve been in my own businesses for ¾ of my working life and I know people may say if you own your own business, you’re tied to it and have no life, that isn’t true.
You control your life and if you work at developing a successful restaurant and environment for your staff and guests, your business can run without you. This takes a lot of work, but it is not impossible.
You’ve heard the expression, “All work and no play…” It’s true. You’re not a machine and there’s so much more to life than just business. Work hard but play harder.
Take vacations; enjoy time with family and friends. Remember that you’ve worked hard to get to this place in your life.

Entrepreneurship opens so many possibilities; you deserve to be successful in life and businesses.
If it’s who you’re meant to be, you will!
If you’ve been researching starting a restaurant I can help you in your decision process.
Whether you are ready or still not sure, my website and resources can steer you in the right direction.
I created for people who have had a dream of being a restaurant entrepreneur but don’t know where to start!
Check out the site and be on the lookout for my online course, 7 Steps to a Successful Restaurant Startup that will be opening its doors this summer (2017)!
Good Luck in your entrepreneur journey, may you find your path to success…