Lunch And A Haircut In Under An Hour?!? Teaming Up Your Startup!

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When you’re a restaurant startup reaching your ideal customers is a heavy load, why not find another business to help you carry it!

Teaming up with another business opens up a whole new range of options and  possibilities for bringing in new customers.

 Lunch and A Haircut In Under An Hour?!?

Teaming Up Your Startup!



cut and eat



hurwun dinner time

This has to grab your culinary curiosity.

Where can you eat lunch and get a haircut in under an hour, Hurwundeki that’s where an unusual pairing in East London.

On one side of the wall more than 100 customers a day file through the door for a 15-minute haircut $9 for men, $14 for women, and on the other side through an open archway, much more sit down for breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner in the adjoining café.

In most industries, customers want to know that they’ll be taken care of.

They want to feel like they aren’t just a dollar sign.

On any given day six stylists can be found bent over 1950’s barbershop chairs, with clippers and scissors with their clients, and a whole bunch of equally hip people waiting.

hurwun making food and making handsome hurwun hair cits

On any given day a chef and his crew can be found on the line in the kitchen cooking or meeting about creating new specials and menu items.

hurwun dining room hurwun chefs discussing menu items

Owner Ki Chul-lee, 46 an already successful top hairdresser in Seoul brought his talent to London. In 2010, Time Out ranked his mini-empire among London’s 40 top shops, but the recession hit, leaving Ki with this not particularly prepossessing place.

Pairing haircuts and food seemed a good combo for him: “I love both, I care about both, I’m good at both.” There is a deeper affinity: good cooking and excellent hairdressing; Ki says, “both demand a true understanding of your raw materials and a mastery of technique: they’re about transforming ingredients, through a highly skilled process. They’re both also about aesthetics; presentation matters.”

Thick sliced crispy pork belly served with garlic, Kimchi, and Deongang sauce and handsome!

hurwun pork belly hurwun where handsome is happeniong

Hip stylists are tending to a client with clippers and scissors, creating handsome and beautiful and great coffee!

hurwun barber shophurwun lunch time

Doubling as a restaurant and ?, are becoming increasingly common – and not just in London (or even the UK). If you can make it work, giving customers two reasons to come to you rather than one can, after all, only be a good thing. Higher foot traffic can create greater loyalty.

Tips To Teaming Up Startup Restaurant Alongside Another Business

Reach out if you want to partner with another business. If you never try, you never know. Make connections on LinkedIn, or an introduction through a business associate.

⇒ Team up with businesses that offer complementary services. For instance, if your restaurant specializes in desserts locate near a movie theater or entertainment venue. 

 Create a meeting room inside your restaurant for organizations and businesses such financial advisors, network groups, and clubs. 

If you need help with creating ideas that match and can develop into a successful business?

If so contact us TODAY.

Let us pair your passion of food with something people will flock into your business for time and time again.

Cross-promotion helps just be sure to choose a company whose customers are in your ideal market.





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