Learn From Famous Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel Why Using Regional Resources Is One Way To Set Your Restaurant Apart From Competition

What does a famous Bakery Chef (Dominique Ansel) do when opening a new bakery in L.A. mind you he already owns bakeries in New York, London and Tokyo and they all serve his trademark pastries?
Chef  Ansel encourages his staff at each location to create its own pastries, cakes, ice creams and snacks to complement its regional location.
Quality food that’s grown, prepared and served with a strong sense of regional history, integrity and accountability have been the reason for many restaurants longevity.
Regional Resources is sometimes referred to “Farm to Table.” A trend that brings character and history to a restaurant’s, location and to those who dine there.
 Some of these local California resources such as avocados, oranges and gooseberries are available year-round.
Take a peek at the L.A.-only creations!
The Avocado-Toast Ice Cream sandwich is a take on the dish in ice cream form, here made with avocado-and-olive-oil ice cream, ricotta mascarpone ice cream, atop house-made shortbread and topped with dragon fruit, freeze-dried raspberries, and olive oil and sea salt to finish.

The California Roll, Ansel’s playful nod to sushi, is filled with avocado mousse, vanilla lime mousse, honey gelée and soft olive oil biscuit.

This Gooseberry-and-Elderflower Pavlova sandwiches local gooseberries, orange elderflower jam and vanilla mascarpone whipped ganache between meringue.

Using Regional Resources Is One Way To Set Your Restaurant Apart From Competition!

Restaurants are making more of an effort to utilize their regions resources such as fruits, vegetables, and fish caught in the local waterways and livestock grazing on local farms.
Give lots of consideration to your region and its cultural vibe when  and if you decide to  start your restaurant.
Your cuisine is the first thing to consider when planning your restaurant.

What will draw people to your restaurant?
What will be your distinctive ingredients.
 How will your food be prepared?
Will your customers be open to new cuisines or are they looking for authentic regional dishes?
One thing is for sure being different in a delicious way and using the regional food resources will help you stand out from the competition.

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