Kosmo’s In, See What Cuisine & Theme They’re Cooking Up!

With the stiff competition in restaurant and food business, it is very difficult for a restaurant to thrive.
Kosomo’s is a restaurant that has managed to crack the thriving code.
Don “Kosmo” Kwon’s restaurant is a success and now he’s going to do it again. Construction is nearing completion on the second Kosmo’s location.
When he opened his first restaurant with his mother in 2001, his main competition was nearby burger joints and diners known for doing one food dish and doing it well.
16 years later he’s ready to do it again! His new location is miles away and has its own personality and cuisine distinctions.
“I wanted to bring something new to Ann Arbor, a signature item,” Kwon said.
What makes his new restaurant special first off his signature dish of Bibimbap.

Bibimbap -bi bim bap or bi bim bop, bibim means “mixed” and bap means “rice”.  This dish is considered the top shelf of Korean comfort foods.
Basically, it’s a bowl of steamed rice, sautéed vegetables, and a fried egg, all mixed up together. It’s served cold in the summer, hot in the winter, but always with a side serving of “gochujang” a thick, shiny, deep red chili paste – to add fire. Koreans believe it heals the body, releases energy and keeps illness away through the winter.

Secondly, the cool theme and graffiti vibe his restaurant gives off as you walk in nails it.  It connects the food and beverage offerings, with a culture and an environment.
All throughout the restaurant is graffiti, ranging from bright-colored sayings and animals, including a 10-foot tiger holding a bowl of bibimbap.
“I’m bringing color back,” Kwon said, gesturing to the walls.

One of the graffiti pieces is a series of numbers: 1052. It’s part of the Korean beeper language, Kwon explained, and means “love.”


Most importantly there are not too many places to get this dish! He’s cornering the market on Korean comfort food. You’re traveling to another country and enjoying the meals of their culture.
Ethnic cuisine and themes are considered food vacations.
If you can create a vision for your restaurant’s theme that fits with its food and service it’s sure ways to make your customers experience memorable.
Your cuisine is the first thing to consider when planning your restaurant.
What will draw people to your restaurant are the distinctive ingredients and techniques used to create your menu.
Kosmo’s Bibimbap is an outstanding example of how a distinctive dish can turn your restaurant into a success.
Kosomo waited a while before venturing into another restaurant. I think that shows he’s confident and has enough experience to create another thriving business. He didn’t rush into it, it’s more like he grew into it.
You have to get your first restaurant running right and making money, before trying to open another, Kosomos is obviously ready!
Want to learn more about discovering your cuisine and theme.
Having a unique cuisine and theme can only help you stand out among the stiff competition.
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