What Does Your Target Restaurant Customer Really Want?

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How To Know What Your Target Restaurant Customer Really Want?

Before you start your restaurant, you need to define your primary target customer.

Decide who is most likely to want and need what your restaurant offers.

Match the needs and wants of your target customer.

McDonald’s is a great franchise to mimic. They are always researching a filling the needs of their target customers! Below is an example of how they target and fulfill their customers wants and needs.


The more you know and understand your customer and their needs, the better chances your restaurant startup will be a success.

Do as much research as you can to determine who your audience is – their wants, needs, desires, biases, and habits.

Serve the needs of your customers in the way they will most accept and benefit from, and you will have a greater chance of surviving in an industry that has one of the highest failure rates.

If we only ever do things how we would like and about things that interest us, we’ll never grow our customer base outside our ego chamber. It is a sure way of setting up a business to fail!

Fine-Tune Your Research

Do your restaurant, and its concept intersects with what they want?

Are there people looking for this kind of restaurant?


You need to engage the target audience you want to attract to your restaurant.


Find real flesh and blood human beings and talk to them. In forums, in social media, Google+ Hangouts, Twitter chats, and at conferences/workshops/meetups/user groups.

You have to imagine who they are, what they are like and what drives them.

types of customers

                                        Couples Going Out On a Date or Families                                              Great-Customer-Service-Tips-640x350 target market family 2
Businesspeople Having a Breakfast Meeting

Businesspeople Having a Breakfast Meeting


 Friends Enjoying a Night Out

Some questions you might consider are:

Who are they?

What do they like?

What don’t they like?

Who is their peer group?

Who do they not identify with?

What are their beliefs?

Where do they live?

Where do they work?

Where do they learn?

Where do they want to be?

What are their needs?

How old are they?

How youthful do they act?

How conservative are they?

What are their driving ambitions?

What are their wants and needs?

What are their pleasures?

What are their pains?

What do they love?

What do they hate?

type of customer 2

Start by doing some research on your local community. Most cities will post their most recent census information online.

Try to limit your research to the immediate area. For downtown areas, it would be within a few miles radius while more suburban areas have a wider target range.


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