Kitchen Restock Is In My Backyard-Who Knew?

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Kitchen Restock Is In My Backyard-Who Knew?

Kitchen Restock is located in Clearwater Florida and has 35 years of commercial restaurant equipment experience.

I’ve lived in the Clearwater area for almost 23 years and also owned a food business, Corporate Catering that was located in Clearwater.

 I’m sorry to say I found out about Kitchen Restock, just recently!

Sure wish I knew about them when I first opened Corporate Catering back in 1991.

I would have definitely used their services had I known they were in my own backyard!

It would have made my start up much much easier.

In today’s world it doesn’t really matter where your suppliers are since we’ve become more comfortable and confident with ordering via the internet. What a difference a few decades can make.

This style of purchasing surely allows owners to stay inside their businesses.  They can focus on their daily responsibilities and when making purchasing decisions they can rely on qualified companies like Kitchen Restock to assist in the difficult process. 

My company RTAMCS helps clients who are just getting into the business, restaurant investors or those looking to make some changes and improvements to their Concept-Theme- or Menu.

Here’s an example of a product I was researching for a client, I immediately went to Kitchen Restock to check out their prices and information on it.

Their price beat two major competitors hands down!

2.5 warring food processor liquid seal

Kitchen Restocks Price- Model -WFP11S

Original Price: $379.00

Your Savings: $52.00

Kitchen Restocks Final Cost-$327.00

(I will not give names you can search the internet to find them rather quickly.)

Competitor A-$370.00

Competitor B-$406.00

kitchen restock logo

Kitchen Restock has been selling equipment to every type of customer big and small!

They’re not just an order taking website, they hire actual food service people to help educate and serve their customers.

They offer a large variety of items that are on their Quick Ship program. They ship them out to you the same day if the order is placed before 2:00 PM EST, orders placed after this time will ship the next business day.

Here’s are a few of the name brands they represent.

top related kitchen restock brands

They continually strive to offer the best prices on the internet to their customers.

Here’s are some of the clients they serve.

some of kitchen restock clients

I truly speak from heart when I say I love helping others pursue their dreams and careers in the restaurant industry.

I had those same dreams once and followed them with persistence and passion. I learned the hard way many times and managed to become a successful restaurant entrepreneur.

Kitchen Restock is a company that continues to love what they do! Check out their site and start saving TODAY!

Helping future restaurateurs from making the same mistakes I made is giving me the opportunity to come full circle. Not many get that chance…

Chef and Restaurateur Jeannette Goldman

Chef and Restaurateur
Jeannette Goldman


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