For Jus,t One Hour Walk In Your Restaurants Staff’s Shoes

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walk a mile in my shoes

For Just, One Hour Walk In Your Restaurants Staff’s Shoes

In 1969, Joe South and The Believers released Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Joe South was a very talented Singer/Songwriter. He passed on September 5, 2012. Many have covered his songs, and he wrote many hits for other artists.

Joe told the absolute truth everybody needs to walk in each other’s shoes for just one hour especially when it come to your employee’s shoes.

Get to know each role as if it were your job; know the menu, know everyone from the dishwasher to the busboys. Be familiar with the chef’s kitchen, payroll, cleaning schedule, know the food suppliers, take the time to meet your customers.



It’s important to run your restaurant like a well-oiled machine, where without even one of those roles filled by the right individual, your restaurant engine would cease to run professionally.

A successful owner knows to serve their employees in the same respectful and positive way that they expect their employees to serve their customers.

To retain your employees, you need to be devoted to who they are as people as well as their personal and professional growth. You need to invest heavily in the people who keep your business alive and well.

In the food industry changes in employment are constant, monetary compensation and good food are just not enough to keep an employee happy to stay in a job.

You have to have incentive programs, weekly or monthly meetings, and staff events need to schedule to keep your staff happy and healthy.

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Restaurant ownership is a high-stress, unpredictable rollercoaster of an industry where everything can change at any given moment.

As an owner and leader, employees want to know that they can rely on you to be a consistent and confident go-to person.

By providing your employee with an outstanding employment experience for industry education, training, flexible hours, prompt scheduling and a healthy work-life balance, you are offering an exceptional experience in every aspect of your business.

Successful restaurateurs are always looking to make their staff’s jobs easier and more enjoyable, improve their customer experience, and increase efficiency in all areas of the business.


Start Your Restaurant Business Knows The Importance Of  Loyalty & Stability

 The restaurant industry can have a lot of employee turnover!

Owning and Managing a restaurant is hard, we can help you staff the right team for your restaurant.

Hiring even-keel people, who are passionate about working hard isn’t easy.

Our interviewing skills and techniques will help you develop a successful hiring process.

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For Just, One Hour Walk In Your Restaurants Staff’s Shoes










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