July 4th Is Over Did You Eat A Hot Dog Or Not A Dog?

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July 4th Is Over Did You Eat A Hot Dog Or Not A Dog?

Not a Dog?

I found a great concept and theme the day after Fourth of July, the biggest hot dog eating the day of the year.

Not Dog I’m sure you guessed by now is not a genuine beef, pork, chicken, turkey or whatever meat combination you prefer.

And I would like to make it clear this post isn’t about being a vegetarian or to persuade you to stop eating the real hot deal dog of your choice.

This post is about two women filling a niche food need with the right concept, theme, and menu!


Not Dogs is a creative cuisine by Katie and Jane; one meat-eater and one vegetarian, both with a love of quick, very tasty and simple food, two friends who met while working in a PR company called Rave in Coleshill.

They left to launch their own company to help others with social media training including companies like Virgin.

They had an idea for vegetarian fast food but didn’t know what it was and that was quite a lengthy process.

Then passion and media experience just took over.

not dogs selections


They struggled just like many of us to find mouth-watering veggie food and trustworthy meaty meals (menu) that satisfied that ‘fast food’ (concept) need after a long day, so they decided to create their food truck Not Dogs(theme)!

The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers, both carnivores, and veggies, with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze.

All of their background in PR  helped them their branding and designing things like the purple zig-zag truck they took to festivals.

They got a towbar fitted to a car and learned how to drive it, hence their food truck business began.

They like the advice Richard Branson gave them!

“I’d rather look back on life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than ‘I wish I’d done that’.”

“So we thought we would just try it ourselves thinking that if it feels right, and it does, then let’s go for it!”

Two years later after touring the festival circuit to perfect their Not Dogs recipes, Katie McDermott, and Jane Yates are ready to bring their Not Dogs to market. Their first brick and mortar are to open in Birmingham/ UK. They hope to be open by the end of the summer. I have no doubt that it will happen.

The girls have done their homework!

Not Dogs was born in 2014 by Katie and Jane, and they create their recipes by using Quorn.

Quorn is a meat substitute product available in the UK, Ireland, US, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France and other countries. Products from Quorn provide a Healthy Source of Protein*, with less saturated fat and fewer calories than you might expect.

Once you throw some yummy toppings on a Not Dog, you may be convinced by its texture and taste you are eating a hot dog. Well even if you’re NOT fooled, you just have to have an open mind 😉  

The menu and the selection names are too cute!

The Original Frank named after Katie’s Dad. They use Heinz ketchup, French’s mustard, American cheese sauce and their own secret recipe for caramelized beer fried onions.

The Quorn bratwurst  is made exclusively for them after they approached Quorn™ a registered trademark of Marlow Foods with their ideas.

Other names include on their menu are Plain Jane, Kickin’ Katie Nacho Dog and newcomer Top o’ the Mornin’ Dog.

They also hope to have a Birmingham burger on their new locations menu they I can’t tell say what that will be yet.


not dog menu 1


What impresses me is their desire and confidence to fill a non-meat food niche.

Their creativity to develop a niche in the vegetarian cuisine is rarely executed!

It’s remarkable and brave of them!

not dog menu 2

Dessert Not Dog-What A Treat

not dog menu 3


McDermott said: “We wanted to make Not Dogs more accessible to our customers, and transitioning to a fast-casual restaurant format was what our fans wanted so they can enjoy Not Dogs for all seasons of the year.

“Birmingham is the perfect city for our first location, it’s our home, it has a thriving and growing economy, and there is a strong community focus on support for independent and start-up companies.”

I said earlier in this post these gals have done their homework!

The fact that they tested the waters with their food truck first is featherless in their cap!


They were runners-up in the Tastiest Startup category of the Virgin Food Festival in 2014.

not dog with branson


They are a perfect example of how putting the Three Core Components into action from the beginning can guarantee a successful business outcome.

Learn more about the Three Core Component.


Need some help in getting started in your food business check these FREE Resources out!


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