Jonas Brothers Are Signing Praise and Sharing Nellie’s Culinary Southern Hospitality

They are Building a Culinary Restaurant Legacy with Family Recipes

“My great-grandmother (Nellie) shared her recipes with my grandmother who shared them with my mother who shared them with our chefs. We have protected the natural recipes and made sure that our professional chefs at Nellie’s knew how to make them like my family,” Kevin Sr. said. “It was a lot of work.”

Food with a story helps guests connect with the meal and learn a little about family history.

Quality food that’s grown, prepared, and served with a strong sense of love, integrity, and accountability are the reason for many restaurants’ longevity.

“When you walk in, we want you to find that Southern hospitality and comfort that my grandmother represented,” Kevin Jonas Sr.

Food & Family Affair In Las Vegas for the Jonas Brothers

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, which is named after Kevin Sr.’s late grandmother, first opened in Belmont, N.C. in 2016. So, the success of the location in Kevin Sr.’s hometown of N.C. makes a move to Vegas a positive one.

The second location is in an 11,000-square-foot restaurant in the District by the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas joined their family recently to celebrate the grand opening of the Las Vegas location of Nellie’s Southern Kitchen.

Southern hospitality in the middle of Las Vegas!

Tried-and-True Family Run Restaurants and Recipes

Building on a culinary legacy of recipes is a sure way of making a name for a restaurant!

“Her biscuits were always perfect,” marvels Cecilia Lucas, Nellie’s daughter. “And they didn’t just taste good; they always looked so pretty.” Nellie’s greatest desire was for people to enjoy themselves around her table and on her front porch. “Everybody was welcome at Nellie’s table,” Cecilia said. “She wanted everyone to have a good time.”

If you are considering opening your first restaurant, you may want to use your family recipes! Especially knowing have pleased generations of your family and friends.

It’s special when a restaurant brings character and a sense of family to those who dine there.

Obviously, the Jonas family isn’t working inside the business.

So, instead, they are operating in harmony achieving a common goal and creating memorable dining experiences for their guests.

The only way to achieve this goal is to continue in their Great-Great Grandmothers spirit.

Nellie’s family remembers her as an incredible cook and a gracious hostess who focused on simple, fresh ingredients and on making people feel at home. “Every day, my grandmother would come home with cotton in her hair … and make the most amazing chicken and dumplings, biscuits, and gravy. And this is our way of paying honor to her and all the good people of Belmont.” Kevin Jonas Sr

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

The environment for innovation in family businesses improves when more generations of the owning family are actively involved in the business.

Family businesses retain talent better than their competitors.

Tried-and-True Family Run Restaurants and Recipes

It could be what makes your dream of owning a restaurant come true!