Jingle Burger Jingle Burger Slogans All The Way

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It’s December and Holiday Music is on the airwaves!

let my blog jingle be the first you hear related to food maybe it will awaken your taste buds and you’ll go out and have a burger after a  long day of shopping at your favorite joint.

Where will you go and what will inspire you to chose that restaurant?

technology is now part of the dinning experience

Heavily relying on innovation for customer’s satisfaction has caused food establishments to lose their identity or should I say individuality.

Sure you get your food faster to your customers and it’s keeping labor costs down!

Jingle Burger Jingle Burger Slogans All The Way!

Let’s face it a hamburger is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bun.

plain burger between a bun

So how do you convince your restaurants customer to choose your speedy cooked and perfect hamburger instead of the competitions?

What do you have to offer other than buying your burger and making you rich?

Your identity!

It needs to be straightforward; it should be able to reflect personal as well as emotional appeal to the dining customer.

Nothing sticks to someone’s mind more than a cleverly grouped set of words.

Iconic slogans-

Jingle Burger Jingle Burger Slogans All The Way!

What better way to appeal to the masses than with a powerful jingle or slogan!

The #1 Burger Franchise With 70 Million Global has one of the most memorable Jingle/Slogan!

The Burger King Jingle

“Have it Your Way,” by Burger King!

The main objective of a slogan is to leave the key message of the restaurant in the mind of the targeted customer.

If we actually had to analyze the best marketing slogans of the last century, we would see that almost 12% of them used the word “You” and/or “Your”.

This is one of the strategic ways of relating to the target audience.

McDonald’s dominated the fast food industry, but Burger King managed to snatch market share thanks to smart marketing that addresses consumers’ desire to eat food made for them.

Marketing slogans have been around since 15th century with the development of printing; however, they even date back earlier than that since all marketing in the old days was via word of mouth.

Jingle Burger Jingle Burger Slogans All The Way!

When working on a jingle or slogan for your restaurant keep these few tips in mind:

~ Be Positive!

~ Relate directly to your target customer.

~ Make it memorable!

~ Make sure it separates you from the competition.

Explain to us your business and we can help you find a slogan that is right for you. Contact us TODAY!

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burger on a bun

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