It Takes Guts to Start a Restaurant Not Just Knowledge

Really if the world were full of passionate entrepreneurs with brilliant minds, but no guts there would be fewer small and large businesses.

Along with guts comes a risk-takers trait.

Risk-takers get excitement from being in a situation with meaningful uncertainty.

When I started my first food business, I recall many family members and friends saying, I could never take that kind of chance (risk)!

Some also said I was crazy!

This brings me back to guts!

I prefer to say I had guts and was willing to pursue my goals by understanding, accepting, and managing the risks I would be facing as a business owner.

Former astronaut Scott Parazynski, said, “the common correlation between astronauts, entrepreneurs, and high-performance athletes, is one of understanding and assessing the risks at hand and learning how best to mitigate them.”

So true!

Those with guts confront fear not with just a risk seekers mind but with a prepared plan right from the start.

I know the way to success is training, management, and developing skills necessary to be a business owner.

Because regardless of what business you’re wanting to own you must have certain traits, skills, and strengths to be in your own business.

Are You a GUTSY Restaurant Entrepreneur to Be?

There is a combination of elements, you must have to support your gut trait.

My assessment which you can download for FREE can help you discover those elements.

So, knowing them before starting a business can help you build your gutsiness and help you discover where you will be the most effective in your food business.

While you cannot choose the number of guts you’re born with, it can help to know if you’re naturally fearless, a genetical risk-taker, or somewhere in between.

If there is a natural fire in your belly, a desire to create a business, and a need to be your own boss, you’re halfway there.

Starting a Food Business is a Journey

man standing at a start line

It starts with finding out if you are ready to travel the entrepreneur road.

There are critical decisions that need to be made at the beginning of the journey.

The more time you spend during the startup phase/start of the journey the less challenging times you will have as you grow.

Guts may have got you here but reducing your risk can mean a faster-growing restaurant.

As an entrepreneur, you will likely have to deal with ups and downs as your business grows.

Starting strong can help guarantee you will stay strong!

Entrepreneurs driven by their guts aren’t fearless; they just know how to cope with and through uncomfortable time periods.

Our guts initiate us to leap of faith despite an uncertain future.

To diminish fear and uncertain is to know what needs to be done at the start of your business.

If there is one lesson to be learned during this pandemic, it’s what makes a gutsy business owner from one who isn’t.

The readiness to evolve and reset.

If you start your business doing ALL, the right things you will be ready for adversity when it comes your way!

The guts to endure lets us recognize that failure is not an option but rather a reality.

It’s about remaining strong and keeping your goals in sight.

Evolving gives us the ability to enact change within ourselves as well as our business, unleashing the potential to lead through a time such as COVID.

Successful owners inevitably have guts more than any other trait that keeps the fight going and provides the courage to act and adapt as necessary along the way.

Ultimately, there’s a balance between refusing to accept failure and embracing it when it appears.

Learn to Avoid Failure!

Use your guts and skills to be a successful restaurateur!

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