Is Your Restaurants Online Ordering Software User Friendly?

We all comprehend at different paces, so be aware of your customer, staff, and even yourself when choosing user-friendly online software.

You must put yourself in the shoes of the customer!

If it’s tedious to order from your website you’re going to lose customers!

Today’s customers have little patience, add a hungry growling tummy to that and you can lose business.

They place orders from their mobile device or desktop, pay online and get notifications as the order is taken, prepared, and on its way.

All that makes sense and sounds rather easy!

But from experience ordering online varies from restaurant to restaurant.

I find myself getting frustrated often!

This brings me back to putting yourself in your customer’s shoes!

Not only should the process be easier for the customer it must also be easier for the staff!

So put yourself in your staff’s shoes as well!

The food industry is all about getting your food as quickly and taste full as possible.

Whether it’s a sit-down casual or drive-thru!

The main things that matter is the consistency of taste and the efficiency of serving the food!

Finding the best Online Ordering Software for Your Restaurant

With ALL the software options out there, it is difficult to determine which one is going to work for your business.

It’s time to do RESEARCH!!!

To be successful in the food industry or any industry you will always have to do research.

Avoid not doing enough research and your chances of being successful will drastically diminish.

Simplifying The Process Gets the Food Out Timely and Delicious

Think simplifying and making the learning curve/training process easier for everyone!

Below I give some sites to research to help you with the software you should choose.

How to Research Online Ordering Software

What are the most popular ones being used by restaurants?

The kind of menu you have and the type of restaurant you need to be considered.

If you have fast food or fast-casual or casual restaurant model your software must match.

READ reviews!

Many companies give out FREE trials.

Ask your staff if they have any experience with using different software at other restaurants.

Incite During Your Research Process

Two choices:

~Research all-in-one POS

Run better: Use an exclusively POS for food service. They are designed to focus on the specific challenges of food service. They feel your pain, or should I say they know exactly what makes a restaurant run successfully.

They can help you make the best-informed decisions

If you want to learn more about POS for the foodservice, the site below is a free service that helps businesses find the best software for their needs. CLICK HERE

~Have your OWN online ordering system

Run better: Using your food ordering system allows you to easily access data and information about your customers and their ordering habits. This is what you need to tailor offers, new meals, and delight them with an amazing customer service experience.

A good online ordering system also give you valuable insights into your customer and online business

If you want to learn more about how you can easily set up your online ordering system for your restaurant. And have it available on your website but also Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. CLICK HERE

If you’re in the process of starting a restaurant this post should put you in the direction of purchasing the software that best fits your business.

If you need more information on starting a restaurant my resource pages are a great place to start.

Good luck and happy researching it’s necessary for attaining success!!!