Does Your Restaurant Menu Satisfy Your Customers During Covid-19?

Your menu must reflect your customer’s wants and food desires!

From my several years of working in and owning foodservice businesses, I have learned that regardless of the current atmosphere (pandemic or economy), your cuisine is the first thing to consider.  It should be decided even way before where you want to locate your business.

Comfort Eating During COVID







At the start of the coronavirus, consumers were interested in comfort foods, and many still are.

Three-quarters of Americans are eating more comfort food than ever before, according to new research.

Comfort food has played a large role in helping people cope with isolation. Turning to our favorite feel-good foods while at home during the pandemic has been a lifesaver for many. How many times have you ordered pizza, wings, and tacos?

Healthy Eating During COVID

















As we learned more about the virus, people became more aware of the importance of keeping their immune systems strong. Since then, we have also seen a trend toward more healthy eating. Rice Bowls and kale-based salads are becoming easier to grab and go in the drive-thru and delivery services!

Promoting wellness during the pandemic is surging.

Health-focused foods and those that relieve stress and promote wellness will continue.

Your Menu Should Satisfy Both Comfort and Healthy Eaters

If you want to have any chance of making it, you have to offer your potential customers what they want to eat, and right now, it looks likes comfort, and healthy foods are what people want!

You do not have to be an all healthy or all-organic restaurant during this time, BUT you must offer healthier options.

The same goes for comfort food offerings! Have enough selections for those who are not watching their waistlines or counting calories.

Do Not Let Your Menu Take A Back Seat

Many restaurant operators have made enormous changes to their operations during this pandemic. During this time, it is easy for your menu to take a back seat. Restaurants are just eliminating items, though I understand why from a cost percentage aspect. Before removing items, you should consider replacing them with items that lean towards comfort and healthy, and affordable.

Owners have put a lot of time and money into making their restaurant’s virus-proof, such as closing off dining rooms, sanitizing, adding new technology, and new services such as delivery and curbside.

It is easy to lose sight of your menu and its role in keeping a steady flow of customers wanting your food.

Does Your Restaurant Menu satisfy Your Target Customers During Covid-19?

If you need help on your menu, making the changes and adjustments you must do during this current atmosphere, my experience and resources will show you how.

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How to Choose a Money-Making Cuisine

graphic for how to create a cuisine








What style of cooking will you be offering and serving? The lecture goes over cuisines that have successful track records and staying power.

How to Develop a Profitable and Tempting Menu

graphic for how to develop a tempting menu








A well- planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its goals, most importantly, keep your customers coming back to try more of what is on it.

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