To Invest In A Restaurant Or Not To Invest?

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To Invest In A Restaurant Or Not To Invest?

Let’s face it almost everyone wants to own or be part of owning a restaurant! 

I’ve noticed over the years that many people have a tendency to say that their dream was to open their restaurant.

Why is there such an allure to invest in or be an owner of a restaurant?

“Restaurants turn everyday moments into ones that are artfully crafted and choreographed, and not by accident. They are real life algorithms of preparation and product and design, where we are invited into a rarified world for a few hours.”  Bo Peabody founder of Renzell Founder a restaurant rating system using unique data-driven methodology.

We eat at restaurants for many reasons, survival, to avoid cooking and doing the dishes, but restaurants are not just a convenience. They provide entertainment, comfort, and they make us feel important and taken care. 

Do You Want To Be An Investor In A Restaurant?



To Invest In A Restaurant Or Not To Invest?

As a country, our enthusiasm to dine in restaurants has for the first time in history exceeded the amount we spend on groceries.

In the past sixty years, there has been a steady increase in restaurants’ cut of the pie when it comes to the food dollar.

Back in the 1950s, it stood at about 25%. It clearly, says a lot about how much the hold restaurants have in our culture, to say nothing of our purses and wallets.

The restaurant industry has become the engine that keeps much of the economy revving, employment growth in restaurants has outpaced the national average for years, and every dollar spent in a restaurant generates more than two dollars to the overall economy.

Restaurants employ about one out of every ten working people, and almost everyone has worked in one at some point, including me and maybe even you. Enough that you are perhaps thinking about investing in one.

As we continue to slip into a digitized society we increasingly require the human experience and touch that dining out provides. Restaurants remain one of the last true human connection experiences. From the preparation and creation to being served by people in a physical setting made just for us validates a connection that matters.

Successful restaurants, ones we patronize often make us realize just how much they do indeed matter. 

Are You One Those People Who Want To Invest In One Of The Last True Human Connections?

 Listed Below Are Examples Of Those Who Are Investing!

 Private investors looking to invest in new and original projects.


You’re a financial investment firm that provides capital resources to small and medium-sized businesses.


A working hands on investor looking for an opportunity, to learn the restaurant business.


A trustee for a family trust looking to invest in profitable businesses with good history.


A corporate lawyer, that provides legal services as well as business advice with clients looking to invest in a restaurant.


⇒A entrepreneur from another country educated in the US, wanting to invest in various projects in the states.


Someone who currently owns a successful business and is looking for a new investment opportunity.


Real Estate investor or firm that is wanting to research investing in a restaurant.



What Can We Do For You?


Patricia Walsh Financial Banker, Restaurant Advisor & Restaurateur Jeannette in Blck chef jacket no back ground

Jeannette Goldman Chef, Multi Media Administrator & Restaurateur

Together They Have A Combined 40 Years Of Experience In The Food Industry

They have experience and knowledge in all facets of the restaurant industry.

They started washing dishes and bussing tables and worked their way up through the restaurant and developed the well-rounded experience necessary to be  successful owners.

They know what it’s like to be in every position and to work with the guests from each position.

They Know The Importance Of  Loyalty & Stability

 The restaurant industry can have a lot of employee turnover!

Owning and Managing a restaurant is hard, they can help you staff the right team for your restaurant.

Hiring even-keel people, who are passionate about working hard isn’t easy.

Their interviewing skills and techniques will help you develop a successful hiring process to assure you  find the best available employees.

They Have Hands On Profit-and-Loss Experience

They have managed, owned and sold restaurants.

They have the experience to put a budget in effect or recognize if one exists.

They can create inventory sheets, menu and recipe cost out and designate pricing for items.

In order to succeed in the restaurant business, you must  know your  food costs and labor costs and overhead costs and of course have good food and good prices and a good target market to survive.

If any one of those factors is lacking, it’s not worth investing in!

Hire our consulting services to prevent you from a financial disaster.

Or hire us to guide you into making a sound financial investment!

Learn More About This Successful Team

Whatever  your investment goal in the restaurant industry is, our knowledge and years of experience is going to be one of your biggest assets and the ticket to your success.

Let us save you time and give you loads of valuable information on whether or not to move forward on a particular restaurant investment.

When we look at restaurants, the food is definitely something that we analyze. Food is what brings people into restaurants!

When we look at restaurants, we research the customers in that market segment.  Are the customers wanting what you are offering and the services you are providing.

We know that Food and labor are your primary expenses in a restaurant and we can help you determine if the food cost and labor cost are in line.

Those are just a few of the services we offer to potential investors.

If you would like more information on our investor consultant services please contact us today!

 dreamimg of her own bakersy

Don’t Have Experience In The Industry

Have you’ve been successful in another profession that is compatible to the restaurant business and your “lifelong dream” has been to open a food establishment?

Let our experience and services guide you on a path to making your lifelong dream a reality.


Do You Need To Reinvent Your Restaurant

You already own a restaurant and need to reinvent your business because you’re currently losing customers and feel it’s time for some major changes but just don’t Know where to start?

We can get you back on track; sometimes a third-party opinion can prove to be priceless, especially when it’s a professional opinion. Let us help you re-recharge your business and put excitement and fresh ideas on your menu and inside your customer’s minds.

restaurant owner with questions

“In the restaurant industry, there’s high turnover and intense competition,” industry veteran Steve Calvaneso said, “You have to reinvent yourself at least once every ten years.”

As a business owner you can get caught up in the emotional aspect of owning a business, important operational items can slip by, costing a lot of money over time.

3 Most Important Things Investors Should Look For in a Winning Business Plan

 If you would like more information on our investor consultant services please contact us today!

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