Unlike the chain restaurants, independent restaurant owners are usually local restaurateurs who cook from the heart, with love, and with the freshest and best ingredients, they can find.

Independent owners know they can do something better than the other people who are doing it, whatever that may be. They know they can make a better burger than McDonald’s can, a better pizza than Little Caesars or better baby back ribs than TGIF’s.

Hunter Lewis editor for Food & Wine magazine says “Whenever I land in a new city, I make a beeline for a restaurant before heading to a hotel. If I’ve done my scouting, I know exactly where I’m going: a local’s place, preferably chef owned. A meal at such a spot(along with a visit to the farmers market) is my favorite way to ease into a city’s bloodstream.”

With independent restaurants, you will typically have people actually cooking food in the kitchen.

Independent  Pizza

  Chain Pizza


With many restaurant chains, these days and I speak from experience, you usually get pre-packaged, re-heated food. How else can they promise to serve you in less than 20 minutes or your food is FREE?

Local entrepreneurs own most of the independent restaurants. An independent restaurant is typically a restaurant that serves a specific city or even a specific area or neighborhood within a city and definitely is not part of a chain of corporate restaurants.



Independent Restaurant Owners Can Beat Chain Restaurants

Indie restaurants can win out over the big chains by partnering with local charities, community events and interacting with customers in a highly personal way. Local customers spend more money in restaurants that support communities and local businesses often give teens their first jobs.

The more direct contact a local owner has of the community, the more they are able to identify where the chains aren’t meeting the character of the community. A neighborhood restaurant generally shares many of its diners’ attitudes, tastes and sports team preferences.

Local indie restaurants can use  media and websites to educate customers about why their cuisine and concept is better than cookie-cutter chain restaurants. Independent restaurants can prepare customized menus and dishes for special diets that franchises can’t or won’t offer.

Independent restaurants have many arsenals in their battles against bland cuisines that most big restaurant corporations promote. Usually local independent menus utilize delicious things growing, swimming or even brewing in the nearby area. Some restaurants will pay homage to the creative talents of local artists on their walls.

Use the media and technology, become community involved and interact with customers to build restaurant loyalty, strong sales, repeat business and you can become a successful independent restaurant owner.

If you have been thinking about becoming an independent restaurant owner and would like to learn more, startyourrestuarantbusiness.com is a great place to start!