In Hot Pursuit Of The Facts

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hot peppers

In Hot Pursuit Of The Facts

Fact: There is no taste bud for spice!

The cells on your tongue are ignited when they experience the joys of sugar or from  mouth watering sea salted potato chips, but when it comes to heat, another system takes over.

That would be your Nociceptors also called pain receptors, nerves that send pain signals to the brain and spinal cord.

They have specialized receptors, or nerve endings that are triggered to fire by chemical changes in the body.

hot peppers 2

Taste buds help distinguish the flavor, pain receptor nerves warn you of danger!

So when your mouth is on fire your pain receptors are letting you know your hot hot hot!

hot pepper biting

If this is the kind of pain your into, you fit right in with the trend of foodie masochism!

Restaurants are increasingly daring diner’s, Nociceptors to put in over time.

In Hot Pursuit Of The Facts

Chef Ann Redding and Co-Owner of Uncle Boons ( in NYC asserts, heat from chilies have been a mainstay in Asian cuisine. “With Thai dishes it’s all about balance: hot, sour, salty , sweet, and bitter, she says”. “Heat is simply a part of the makeup of Thai food.”

Not everyone wants to be all revved up, with tears running down their face, guzzling milk till the cows come home.

There is a way to ease yourself into a 5 alarm fire in your mouth.

A slow burn, one that builds to a buzz and still be delicious can be achieved by simply asking the kitchen to go easy on the chili oil.

If you are a true foodie masochist most chefs are more than happy to oblige, they only need a few ingredients to turn up the HEAT!

Your Best Bets for turning up the HEAT!

Medium => Hot

The Gateway Spice-Thai Srircacha, it’s sweetness keeps the heat manageable and has more balance and flavor than the Srircacha sold in the US.

The Sprinkle Spice- Calabrian chilies, Italian pepper flakes not the one you sprinkle on your pizza or pasta. These contain hints of smoke and fruit in addition to a zesty zing!

The Most Challenging Spice – Sichuan Peppercorn, the third degree describes this pepper!

It ignites a party in your mouth, creating a numbing, buzzing sensation or “spicy Novocain!

Here’s Kori Ellis’s fantastic guide to the different types of popular peppers.

Kori is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, that writes for a leading women’s lifestyle media platformShe Knows.



I would like to take this time to plug some good friends of mine!

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes-Ears or Mouth

View on your own RISK!!!

Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape – Bhut Jolokia

A woman attempts to break her 2008 world record of eating 60 Bhut Jolokia. Unfortunately she doesn’t succeed but does set another world record for rubbing 24 of them in her eyes.


She’s a Foodie Masochist that’s WHY!!!


In Hot Pursuit Of The Facts


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