I’m Loven It McDonald’s USA Announced Sourcing Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics

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“I’m Loven It” McDonald’s USA Announced Sourcing Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics

When the BIG guys make moves little guys have to listen.

You have give the customer what they want and if you don’t they’ll go somewhere else.

The world’s largest restaurant chain by sales has more than 36,000 restaurants around the globe.

Revenue, net income and traffic all fell in 2014, as it struggled to appeal to younger and more upscale diners who demand fresher, healthier fare.

Finally they can market themselves healthy fast food/Quick Serve!

Well kinda sort of, what took them so long. I was listening to an interview of a past exec at McDonald’s and he was asked what does the number one burger chain need to do to get back on track and he said get back to the basics, reduce the amount of menu selections. Make it easier to find what you want.

In some ways I have to agree. I would think most people know what they want when they’re zipping through a drive -thru.



I’m an example of someone who doesn’t I don’t eat there much and any time I do it’s mostly because I’m with people that want to go there. I always try to look for a healthier choice and when the menu is overwhelming let alone trying to find a healthier choice, it can a daunting task just to eat. I thought this was suppose to be fast- NOT.

I’m reminded of why I don’t go there.

Now that they’re realizing they need to commit to offering chicken choices raised without antibiotics I will finally have a choice. They may even be able to offer salads again that are appealing to people like me. I really did enjoy their Asian Chicken Salad, hope they bring it back.

I see a major difference in their bottom line if they can meet the demands of family’s looking for better choices and starting with chicken is a great move.They WILL be “LOVEN IT” !

Soon you may be seeing get your Happy Meal of Chicken McNuggets RAISED WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS

McDonald’s U.S president Mike Andres

Parents will spend more if they know their kids are eating better.


Make those Chicken McNuggets without antibiotics and I guarantee  they’ll fly out the door faster and higher then a jet chasing a drone.

All of the chicken served at McDonald’s approximately 14,000 U.S. restaurants comes from U.S. farms, that are working closely with McDonald’s to implement the new antibiotics policy to the supply chain within the next two years.

McDonald’s U.S. restaurants later this year will offer milk jugs (are popular choices in Happy Meals) low-fat white milk and fat-free chocolate milk from cows that are not treated with rbST, an artificial growth hormone.

All of these moves are the latest steps to evolve its menu in the USA to better meet the changing preferences and expectations of today’s customers.

It just keeps getting better, I think that could be a great new slogan for them, I’m Loven It still has a shelf life as long as they continue on the healthier choice path.

You got to give them some love for thinking about their customers wants, needs and desires when it comes to fast food.

In addition to the menu sourcing changes, McDonald’s USA this week was announced as a founding member of the newly formed U.S. Round-table on Sustainable Beef.

This is a critical step in support of the company’s global commitment and effort to source verified sustainable beef.


happy meal box

Happier and Healthier Happy Meals Are On Their Way Hurry Quick McDonald’s – Don’t let number 2, 3 or 4 quick serve chains beat you to the Drive -Thru Finish Lane.

 1376697798913964479  I’m Loven It If They Win!

“We will continue to look at our food and menu to deliver the kind of great tasting and quality choices that our customers trust and enjoy,” McDonald’s U.S president Mike Andres

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