Always start with the title, it is the first thing that most people will read, so you want to make it count. Ideally, you want a title that grabs people and gets them intrigued enough to read on.

A good headline should lure people in and compel them to read the rest of your release.

Create a Great “Hook” for Your Headline

Write a Captivating First Paragraph

You want your opening paragraph packed with details that give everyone the most critical information right off the bat. Tell people the name of your restaurant, exact date and time it is opening. Let people know what type of restaurant, the kind(s) of food you will serve, and your location. Include your website in the press release so that people can quickly check out pictures, menus, and more.

The second paragraph is where you talk more about what makes your restaurant so unique and what you offer that no one else does. Whatever it is, talk about it in the second paragraph.

The third paragraph is where you usually add a quote or reference. It can be a simple statement of excitement or discussing one of the points mentioned in the second paragraph. It’s a great way to include a little personality into your PR, too. If you don’t want to add a quote, that’s fine also; you can move on to talk a little more about your signature dishes, the enjoyment the customer will experience, keep letting people understand what makes you unique.

Make sure the most important details are at the top of the release with each paragraph filling in more of the features that are relevant to their dining desires and needs.


Journalists get bombarded with press releases every day, and many end up in the trash. But the good news is that most of them end up in the garbage because they are entirely irrelevant. So, while you can make use of distribution to get a wide-scale release, it’s often better to focus on a more targeted offering. Contact journalists on local newspapers and food bloggers with interest in your specific cuisine, even local food scene.

For example, if you were the editor of a magazine that dealt with the retail news in the clothing industry, are you going to be interested in yet another restaurant opening press release? Even if the food sounds delicious!

Finding relevant sources can also help you start building up relationships! Focus on building a relationship by opening with an email and cover letter explaining who you are, why you’re contacting them, and why the restaurant’s grand opening is newsworthy.

Restaurants startups are stressful enough without having to worry about writing your Grand Opening press release, and you might not have the time or experience to do. You’ve got plenty to do as you put your all into making sure that everything is perfect for your first guests. An experienced press release creator can mean one less thing on your plate.

Need a press release here are some sites that can HELP!

If you want to give it a try here is a great template to follow!

A Grand Opening Press Release if done right, can be effective at grabbing the attention of customers and food journalists in your area.

Good luck and much success!

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