How to Open an Affordable Drive-Thru Quick Restaurant (QSR)

You should first begin by finding a realtor that can assist you in finding an existing QSR building.

To make your Quick Service (QSR) startup affordable, find what is called a Second Generation Drive-Thru.

The second-generation Drive Thru can help set you up for success.

Because it was once a drive-thru, it makes it very appealing. It’s already set up for the drive-thru.

Another accolade is people in that community are very accustomed to it being a drive-thru.

Ideally, it must be in a densely populated area, keeping the target audience in mind.

Accessibility and visibility of the area are essential to attract customers.

Finding an existing building may take some thorough research.

But in the long run, it will be worth it.

Starting Your QSR from Scratch Can Be Costly

Having a modular building can be an expensive option.

It can cost as much as opening a small sit-down restaurant.

And if you must purchase the land, that’s another significant expense.

Finding an existing building may take some thorough research.

But the money you can save in your build-out will be worth it.

Second-Generation Drive-Thru Examples

Chop Stix Express

In my hometown of St. Peterburg, Florida, there is a QSR called Chop Stix Express.

It was once a Checker Burger location.

It has been open since 2014, over seven years!

They utilize one side of them for ordering and picking up.

On the other side, once a Dual Lane, they have outside seating for their customers.

Pineapple Espresso Was Once a Farm Store

Pineapple Espresso Drink. Eat. Be Healthy.

The First & Only Healthy-Fresh, Fast-Food Drive-Thru in St. Pete. Serving Small Batch Coffee Roasted On-Premise. Locally Owned & Operated.

The Past is the Future of Drive-Thru

Food historians and quick-service industry veterans dispute the exact origin of the drive-thru window.

One thing is sure, quick-service restaurants evolved in conjunction with Americans’ growing use and purchase of the automobile!

And the automobile may change over time, but it will not disappear!

Even before the pandemic, drive-thru, takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery were rising.

The return on investment is high. You can change the price of a casual dining menu but not incur the costs of running a casual or fast-casual one. However, you still need to serve many orders to make it viable in the long run.

Open an Affordable Drive-Thru Quick Restaurant

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