How to Design A Mouthwatering Take-Out Menu

As you begin to create your menu for your startup, your take-out menu should look and sound just as mouthwatering as your dine-in menu.

A successful menu should help customers make satisfying choices and stimulate their appetite.

I go over How to Develop a Profitable and Tempting Menu in my E-course.

Step 5 in the course digs into all the elements that make a profitable and favorable menu:
Menu Planning- Menu Formats- Menu Descriptions- Menu Pricing- Menu Engineering

A well- planned and designed menu can help any restaurant achieve its goals; most importantly, keep your customers coming back to try more of what’s on it, order take-out d delivery service.

Unfortunately, you can’t entice your take-out guests with your restaurant’s ambiance, heavenly aromas wharfing from your kitchen, or a waitperson describing a favorite menu item to die for, so you have to use other ways of selling your dishes.

Images are the best way to get your take-out guests’ attention.

Your food images on the menu visually should be what you provide.

High-resolution images can spark a craving! 


Use Descriptive Text

Your cuisine descriptions should make your guests,  taste buds come ALIVE!

Use vivid adjectives in your descriptions.

Item descriptions should not merely list ingredients; they should create a desire for your customer to buy the menu item.

The descriptive words should help your guests “taste the food in their minds.”

Example: “Before”: Cowboy Fries, seasoned, with bacon, pork n beans, and our famous garlic ranch sauce topped with blue cheese.

 “After”: “GiddyUp”: Cheese Fries—seasoned and smothered in our creamy garlic-ranch sauce, topped with, maple bacon bits and  heated beans, crumbled blue cheese and topped with green onions.

First Impressions & Branding

Brand your dine-in menu over to your takeout menu. 

Your menu is your restaurant’s first impression.

It’s the first thing your customers look at when choosing to order. The right menu should convey your restaurant’s personality.

It should be designed similar to your in-house menu and achieve your restaurant’s underlying goals, and ultimately entice customers to place an order.

Take-Out Menus provide an excellent opportunity to attract customers who may want to purchase your food for picnics, parties, and special events.

The real bonus in establishing a take-out menu is that you can increase business without significantly increasing your standard cost of operation.

A take-out menu is a necessary investment for your restaurant.

There is an opportunity to make more money: providing takeout service to your customers.

Providing a takeout menu is an excellent opportunity to generate more income while not worrying about restaurant capacity and hiring extra waitstaff.

Most importantly, a takeout menu will attract customers who love your food but don’t have time to sit and eat.  In today’s busy world, families who want to purchase your food and conveniently enjoy your restaurant’s menu under their roof!

Design A Mouthwatering Take-Out Menu

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