One factor that will determine whether your restaurant will be successful is how much buzz and hype you generate before your doors open.

Before you start making decisions about where you want to focus your energy, carefully consider your target market.

Who are they and how do they prefer to engage when eating at a restaurant. Your immediate customer base is extremely important because they are the people that will be filling your seats. Your future guests can only get to know your restaurant if its representation is exciting and consistent.

When starting your new restaurant you’ll find there are some free, or nearly-free, ways to get the word out, and there are some that will cost a bit.

Your best to utilize the free options and plan for marketing projection dollars. Set aside money to help create the buzz so you aren’t tempted to take more than you need.

Understanding what sources of information influence your potential diners will help you choose the most effective marketing channels for your new restaurant.

Once you have a solid idea of what blogs, magazines, newspapers and social media they frequent, you’ll know exactly who should be included in your marketing buzz.

What should you say to create a buzz, first start with researching what’s currently being offered at other restaurants where you plan on locating?  If they aren’t offerings similar selections you’ll be offering, there’s a big opportunity for you to capitalize on.

By using media strategies, you’ll ensure that your restaurant opening receives all the buzz and hype it deserves. There are, of course, countless restaurants worthy of press coverage, but it’s those that make a concerted effort to cultivate an identity, involve their target audiences early on, are poised for initial and sustainable success.

Once you’re open you want to always remain on top of customer’s minds. You need to keep the buzz going and continue the awareness around the cuisine and services you are going to offer.

As the founder of Start Your Restaurant Business, I help people startup restaurants, create consistent genuine customer experiences and build long-term success. To date, I’ve been involved in owning and running 8 restaurants and 2 multimedia business. If you need help in creating a buzz and hype for your restaurant startup please check out the services we offer.