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Hot Dog Restaurants & Carts Continue on a Roll

The Hot Dog is in the Sausage family. It is one of the oldest forms of processed food, having been mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as far back as the 9th Century B.C.

As Europeans came to the United States throughout the late 19th century, sausage vending became a relatively inexpensive startup business for upwardly mobile immigrants. Sausage carts were a fixture of urban life.

Did you know the average American eats 70 hot dogs per year?

In 2019, Americans spent $2.3 billion on hot dogs.

Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, is credited with creating the frankfurter. However, known as a “dachshund” or “little-dog” sausage -which was created in the late 1600s by Johann Georghehner, a butcher, from Coburg, Germany. According to some, Georghehner traveled to Frankfurt to promote his new product.

We may never know the real Hot Dog’s birthplace but at this point what does it matter!

Hot Dog historian Bruce Kraig, Ph.D., a retired professor at Roosevelt University, says the Germans always ate the sausages with bread.

It is likely that Germans introduced eating the dachshund sausages, cradled in a bed of bread “the Bun”.

Who “created the bun” is also as questionable as who invented the Hot Dog?!?

The truth is their delicious and they have been a staple on kitchen tables and a successful business to be in!

Are You Interested In Selling Hot Dogs?

As a result what appeals to you a cart, a truck, or a brick and mortar?

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Hot Dog Business?

Here are some traits you MUST have:

Are you a friendly person?

Customers prefer a smiling face. Dealing with the public takes a special person. Not only are you in the food business it’s also customer service-based. You will encounter challenging people. Eventually, someone is going to complain even if nothing is wrong. You must remain calm and professional.

How’s your attitude?

A good attitude can help build a customer base.

Do you like being clean and tidy?

Because cleanliness in any food business is a must!

Keeping the area around you uncluttered and organized is attractive to customers.

Are You Self Motivated?

Motivation is one of the most important ingredients to a successful business recipe.

If you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, you shouldn’t be in your own business, END of story.

Do you have a sense of urgency?

Simply put if you cannot hustle and provide fast and speedy service, you’re in the wrong business.

A good rule to follow, let customers dress their own dogs! Make sure you have the most popular condiments on hand and always filled.

If you have all the traits listed above, you can run a successful hot dog business!

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Resources & Research

If you are thinking about opening a food business, you’ll need to know how to start one.

Whether it be a Hot Dog Business, Hamburger or Pizza Joint, or sub shop starting one requires a startup success plan.

To be successful in the food business I whole heartily believe you must put 100% effort during the start phase.

Watch this video and find out the vital tasks and responsibilities that lead to startup success!