Hire Your Own Food Delivery Drivers To Increase Customers & Profits 

When you have your own drivers, more money goes directly to the restaurant and the driver. During a pandemic, sharing more of the revenue will help keep the restaurant financially strong.

Third-party delivery companies must tack on fees! They have to account for insurance, a delivery fee, and of course, the company must make money too. Don’t forget the tip.

Having your own driver means fewer fingers in the pie or fewer fees.

Though restaurants have come to depend heavily on third-party providers, they should reconsider having their own delivery staff.







When I had my Corporate Catering and lunch delivery service there were hardly any delivery companies. A few companies tried to develop a service but they never seemed to get it fully off the ground. Take-Out Taxi was one of them we did give them a try!

We had to hire our own drivers we had no choice!

They became our delivery (wait) staff.  Our customers liked seeing that familiar face handling and delivering their food. The drivers actually helped build our business from a personal aspect. Most customers like that one on one service!









The pandemic no doubt has created a boom for food delivery! It will be more of a permanent way people are going to get their meals. The fact people are staying close to home, they are ordering more food, more often, according to researcher Edison Trends. Even first-time users are coming back a second time.

We are creatures of habit and it is easy to see consumers getting used to the idea of food delivery convenience. I think we will see consumers use it at a much higher level than they have before.

If your restaurant delivery pricing is more reasonable and your food is fantastic, you can become the delivery restaurant of choice!

Why Should Your Restaurant Offer Your Own Delivery Services?

Keep in mind that delivery will only grow your brand if you already have a market presence and a loyal customer base.

If you’re looking to boost your sales, adding a delivery service to your restaurant will help! You’re able to distinguish yourself from the competition or at least keep up with them.  Potential customers can’t order from you if they’ve never heard your name. Once you’re on the delivery map, you’ll be available to customers who may not have tried your food before, which can lead to increased profits.

Before jumping onto the delivery bandwagon, though, you should ask yourself whether it will work for your restaurant.

Delivery doesn’t usually suit fine dining restaurants, for example, and you should also avoid it if your cuisine won’t hold up well during delivery. The last thing you want to do is turn your customers off by providing them with sub-par delivery food.






As the pandemic lingers, consumers seem less willing to return to restaurants!

According to research by financial services company Cowen & Co. As of mid-July, 52% of consumers surveyed said they would continue to avoid dining in once restaurants fully reopen, up from 36% in mid-April.

If your restaurant is going to survive during these times you have to make changes and additions to suit your customer’s needs. Hire your own delivery staff it will make a difference, I promise, I speak from experience.

It Starts With Training Your Food Delivery Staff

If you choose to hire your own delivery drivers, they will need to be trained on the best way to place the food in their cars so no spills occur and how to speak to each customer when they deliver the food.

Delivery packers will also need to be trained on what to-go containers each menu item should fit in, what extras should be added to each take-out or delivery bag, and where to place the orders once they are fulfilled.

If you’re interested in upgrading your delivery and or hiring your own drivers I can help.

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