HELP! I’m So Confused -What Is A Restaurant Concept?

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HELP! I’m So Confused -What Is A Restaurant Concept?

A Concept Description in Terms of a Restaurant is A Restaurants Business Model!

Starting a restaurant is just like starting any other type of business — you need a thorough plan.

This plan is your concept. It lays out every aspect of the business.

As I continue to do research and follow the industry, I am always running into various definitions of a restaurant concept.

Why does this happen? Why has the word “CONCEPT” been so muddied up in terms of its true meaning when being used, defined and described in food the industry?

It’s the very heart of the business It lays out every aspect of the business (sorry to repeat myself but this confusion is so unnecessary).

OK so let me help you remove the confusion so you can get on with starting your business!

At this time I’m sure you’ve decided on the cuisine you’ll be serving or at least have some ideas.

If you’re  still not sure , the best advice I can give you is think about what you do best, what culinary trends seem to stick around and the old stand by foods that never go out of style. You also can fill a need for a cuisine that’s not offered in your local area-do your research first to be sure you have an audience for it.

Developing A Restaurant Concept

I also recommend that you take our Strength Assessment, it will zero in on what you’re best at and that they may help give you a direction to go in.

new assessment cover


Concept development for a restaurants is not just about choosing a cuisine it involves planning details for many practical areas of running your restaurant.

Now for the moment of TRUTH!

It’s extremely important to decide whether your restaurant is going to be upscale, casual or fast food!

Your Restaurant Concept Is Your Business Model And Your Choices Are


~Fine Dining ~Casual Dining ~Fast Casual Dining

~Fast Food / Quick Serve ~Food Truck Dining

Once you have chosen one of the above CONCEPTS / Restaurant Business Models there are other critical issues included in developing your concept: 

~ Deciding your Location

~ Deciding Your THEME

~ Creating Your MENU

~ Equipment & Small-wares Needed

~ Studying Your  Competition

~ Researching Your Market Demographics

~ Developing Strategy’s for Financing, Branding, Marketing and Advertising

~ Identifying Your Suppliers

~ The Staff Needed To Run The Restaurant


You Can’t Plan, Start Or Run A Restaurant Until You Have Decided On Your Concept!

HELP! I’m So Confused -What Is A Restaurant Concept?

Below are TWO charts that will clear-up any confusion you still may be having concerning what a concept is and what one best fits into your plan.


Concept Breakdown Generic Chart


concept breakdown corporate

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