Hard Rock Cafe Aggressive Loud and a Successful Theme

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hard rock over view of the bar

Hard Rock Cafe Aggressive, Loud and a Success

Music is a THEME that has and always will draw people in!



Let this example of a Casual Dining Concept and Rock Music Theme with a Diner Style MENU  get your creative ideas flowing.

 Great Music Video at the end of this post!

Hard Rock is  defined as a form of loud, aggressive music!

The drumming in hard rock focuses on driving rhythms,  with a powerful bass drum and a complemented backbeat on snare, at times using cymbals for emphasis. 

The bass guitar works in conjunction with the drums, also providing a backing for the rhythm and lead guitars.

The vocals well they stand on their own and can often sound like a hybrid – half wolf and half man, growling, raspy, screaming or wailing, sometimes in a high range, that is indefinable.

Personally I like it LOUD! The Louder the better!

ThisIs_Legendary hard rock burger

Hot Sauce fans can relate to some degree – Hotter the Better! 

I don’t know about you but when I first “Hard Rock Café” it was “hard” (pardon my pun) for me to grasp. [Tweet “I had this vision of Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath in a “cafe”- tearoom in London sipping Earl Grey and eating Buttery Bat Tea Sandwiches, listening to Type O Negative “Love You to Death.””]

What Do I Know?

Rock and Cafe perhaps its’ more Yin & Yang

What I do know, eating delicious yumminess to rock music does work, but one of them is going to be on TOP or perhaps take turns!

What ever it is, the marriage has been a success since they took their vows in 1971.

Since inception the Hard Rock has grown to unbelievable heights with  Hotels and Casinos ALL over the world!

The Hard Rock Cafe a chain of theme restaurants was founded in 1971 by Americans Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton in London.

founders of the hard rock Isaac Tigrett and Peter morton


Two shaggy-haired Americans were in the the mood for a  good American burger while living in London.

So they opened up their own American style diner in an old Rolls Royce dealership and called it Hard Rock Cafe. Once again a BURGER JOINT makes history… A Ground Beef Patty turns Rockers into successful entrepreneurs.

A little trivia for those interested-

The now famous logo was actually created by celebrity artist Alan Aldridge, best known for his work with the Beatles. It was Isaac’s idea to model it after the simple design of Chevrolet’s car hood ornament.

hard rock logo

Want more history on the Hard Rock Cafe click on the Flying V guitar         hard rock flying V memorablia

The importance of a THEME is all over this Restaurant!

You have to look at the BIG picture they just don’t sell food and drinks!

cocktail from the hard rock cafe

They move out TONS of T-Shirts and memorabilia associated with music and the walls are covered with Rock History, it’s like you’re in the coolest museum on the planet!

Fun place to work, play and meet people!

Ear Candy VS Palate Pleasing

When Done at the Same Time You Just Might Be

Sitting in a Hard Rock Cafe

And now for some Rock and Roll Roots-Enjoy























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