It can take a fortune to bring in the new customers, make the phone ring and drive sales. However, at the end of the day many restaurant owners don’t seem to end up with lot to show for it.
When you start marketing and advertising, you have to know your target audience or you will be throwing money out the window!

Marketing initiatives can only begin after doing the key startup steps for opening your restaurant.  Restaurant Startup Resources
For a new restaurant, marketing efforts have to be built on a good menu that offers a variety well prepared recipes, an attractive decor and theme, good quality cuisine and a well-trained staff.
For restaurants to be successful today they rely largely on marketing and advertising to popularize them.
All restaurants must capture their ideal target market to create a niche for themselves.
To get the rewards you deserve for all the hard work, and to not allow your “dream” to turn into one big financial disappointment, here are some Effective Restaurant Marketing Tips.

Top Priority
The first things customers will observe when they arrive at or walk past a restaurant is cleanliness of the facility and freshness of food. Be sure your marketing message includes that.
Restaurants become successful when they deliver what they promise!
Effective Positioning
It helps to differentiate the restaurant from the others. The restaurant has to be positioned right to be successful. It must fall into a niche segment and stand out from the competition.

Be Different & Stand Out
Let people know you have quality food and service. Wooing them for repeat visits will be far easier, if you have something that other restaurants are not offering.
Know Your Competition
Restaurants need to know what they are up against, mostly their competitors, the market and expectations of customers. Knowledge and awareness helps you effectively plan and formulate the right strategies.
Constantly Market
Never sit back and relax!
I was told by a fellow entrepreneur (piano businessman) about 25 years ago, you should always be advertising, and not just when it’s your slow season. I have always remembered and followed his advice! Make sure you have constant strategies.
Every few months a revision in the menu, introduce seasonal foods, invite everyone you meet to try your new additions for FREE or at 50% off the menu etc.

Advertising includes all the media related initiatives to market the restaurant.
Advertisements on Television
Newspapers, Flyers and Brochures
Some advertising can be expensive and there are many FREE advertising options it just takes some research to find them. Here are a few,

Promotional Activities
Entice customers through discount vouchers, new menu launches, and loyalty programs. These help to get new customers who become regulars.
Create Informative Ads
By making your ads informative and looking like the stories in the publication, you’ll get more sales. When writing your ad, pretend you are the editor of the magazine writing about your restaurant and food.

Email Marketing
This is the least expensive and one of the most effective marketing techniques. It helps you reach out to the target customer with new promotions, discount coupons, and posts containing articles and content which would be informative for the readers, who are part of the customer base of the restaurant.
Special Events
This is proven marketing tactic whereby existing customers are encouraged to return. This can be accomplished through specially organized events; celebrations with some give a ways thrown in. It will increase the frequency of customer’s visits.

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