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give your restaurant employees praise

Give Your Restaurant Staff High Notes And Sing Them Praise And They Will Stay…

Staff retention has always been and will always be an issue in the restaurant industry.

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Over the years I’ve kept one thing in mind when I hired employees, I never wanted to make them feel that I was taking advantage of them. If there was one frustrating aspect of working for someone else in the industry that would be my #1 bone of contention.

If the owner, manager, or business had no respect or regard for the dedication I displayed for my position, I would not allow myself to be subjected to it and I would leave and find a restaurant that would appreciate my skills and talent.

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Why Do Employees Leave

Low Wages

High Stress Levels

Lack of Recognition

Not Enough Hours

Conflict with Co-Workers or Management

No Opportunity for Advancement

Lack of Employment Benefits

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As owner you can make a difference in retaining your employees.

Acknowledge their achievements and when they have done a great job, during their shift, week, or month. Instituting award and recognition initiatives through an employee-of-the-month program for the front and back of the house, more often than not, those people can be targeted for promotion and advancement. And when a restaurant promotes from within, it signals to staff how employees can get ahead.

The staff feeds off of your energy, so you want to be sure it’s positive energy, not negative. I have worked for some owners who were always positive, no matter the situation. But if I landed a job in a negative atmosphere, I just knew it was not a job I was destined for.

It doesn’t take long to see if someone is cut out for the job. This industry has no places to hide if you can’t for full the job requirements; it doesn’t take long to notice.

When it comes to performance, your staff needs to know where they stand whether it’s being appreciated, or reprimanded for something they have done.

If you intend for your employees to grow with your company, and their performance is outstanding, they need to know and if their performance is lagging, tell them. That’s why you have reviews! It’s your responsibility, to keep the morale up in your business.

Give Your Restaurant Staff High Notes And Sing Them Praise And They Will Stay

Restaurant operations from mom-and-pops to big chains always scramble to keep top talent.

Mentoring employees with long-term goals in the restaurant industry is important. I know this experience from both ends of the spectrum. I had two that took me under their wing and showed me the ropes as they say. I’m forever grateful and know without their guidance I would not be where I am today, if I hadn’t crossed their paths.

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When I was contacted by a past employee who was my right hand person when I owned my businesses, to help her in starting her business, I knew my mentoring made a difference.

She was a great employee and student; she came to our business with no food experience and consumed everything I taught and showed her. We couldn’t pay her much at first but as time went on and she proved herself, we were able to give her more money and pay part of her health insurance. We made that promise to her and kept it. I was honored that she asked for my continued advice and help.

Almost 4 years later her business is still thriving and feeding the business community in a Tampa, Florida office complex center. I was happy to be a part of her business as she was of ours.

You never know where your experience will take you but if it takes you into an ownership realm, finding employees is difficult, keeping the good ones isn’t as hard if you treat them the way YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!

Give Your Restaurant Staff High Notes And Sing Them Praise And They Will Stay…

Workers who feel vital to the restaurant’s success stay engaged.

Inconsistency and favoritism can destroy employee morale. Treat workers equally, and do things as promised so they know you keep your word. Working for an owner who keeps their word is a rarity in any industry, don’t let them down.

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Why do Employees Stay

Promised Pay Raises

Health Benefits

Properly Trained

Opportunity for Advancement

Treated Fairly

Provide your employee, no matter their skill-level, with coaching and feedback. Let them know what they do well and give suggestions for improvement.

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