How Do You Get Your Restaurant Ideas Out Of Your Head And On To Paper?

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How Do You Get Your Restaurant Ideas Out Of  Your Head And  On To  Paper?

I was encouraged to write this post because I just started to work with a client who is having difficulty getting his ideas out of his head!

His first e-mail included this exact statement to me, “I only have an idea at the moment and I can envision it thoroughly in my head but I am stuck at what to do next.”

Not knowing what to do next can hold people back and stop them from starting a brand new restaurant.


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How do you get your  restaurant ideas from your head to a formulated plan of action?

How do you put the pieces of the puzzle together to create a true Brick n Mortar restaurant?

While you’re in the brainstorming stage of your new business you are a visionary.

You have to be open-minded and you have to allow all kinds of thoughts, crazy or sane in.

Don’t rush your creativity!

Enjoy the journey, giving birth to a business is no easy task but it is exciting and life changing.

Let yourself have fun with it.

When you see an appealing restaurant design or concept, had a delicious meal out take a picture and save it on your phone.

You will also experience that ideas, will spawn others, perhaps even more interesting ones.

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Once you have a list of ideas, notes, pictures and research, organize them in individual files.

advice, advise, advisor

You will eventually be able to pick out ones that are more appealing and toss out ones not so exciting.

You can narrow them down based on how unique and inspiring they are.

Create a fantasy restaurant that combines them into a successful restaurant.



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Are you are experiencing difficulty getting your ideas into a reality?

If you’re thinking of giving up, or just feeling down, you need other people to guide you, provide feedback and pull those ideas out of your head.

Think about it, if you are your only support system, but you’re feeling a bunch of frustration or negative emotions and thinking negative thoughts, how are you going to turn your restaurant ideas into reality.

If you’re needing to take your brainstorming ideas to the next level and don’t know what to do next, why not draw inspiration from professionals who have done what you want to do!





The startup steps I will be teaching in my online course are customized for the food industry.

You don’t have to go it alone and you shouldn’t.

What I am talking about here is more than just an online course, I’m a startup specialist you can talk to.

I know your situation, your hopes and dreams and challenges, so when you seek my input it comes from a place of empathy and familiarity. Most importantly I can help you formulate your ideas, get them from the idea stage to an actual  restaurant concept.

That is why you need to take my online course 7 Steps To A successful Restaurant Startup that I will be releasing in the winter of 2017.

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