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I see this site every morning when I pull into my office in St. Petersburg, Florida!
About six years ago this company (they have another warehouse location a few blocks away) moved in right next door to my business and started fabricating hot dog carts  and food vending trailers all shapes all sizes!
The company is called DreamMakers and if you have  dreamed about becoming your own boss, this might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

Is the hot dog business right for you?
Every ball park, county fair, and football stadium sells them.
There is such a large captive customer base.
You know people love them!

There are a number of benefits to selling hot dogs:
  • Since they’re a pre-cooked food item, licensing and Health Department regulations are stringent.
  • If you limit your serving utensils to plastic throw-away items, you’ll be able to eliminate the need for commercially rated dish-washing facilities.
  • Inventory is readily available, so you don’t have to keep a large quantity of product in storage to meet your needs.
    Yes that’s just a few reason for maybe getting into the hot dog business.
    I know you must have a lot of questions but hold on you have found the right people to answer them and purchase your hot dog-cart from!
    Here’s what’s so cool about my neighbors, DreamMakers.
For nearly 20 years Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts has been helping owners and operators of our hot dog carts make their dreams come true by helping them develop their profitable Hot Dog Cart business. Over the years we have come to know just what help and support is needed most by our clients through every phase of starting and building a successful hot dog-cart business. Dream Maker Hot Dog Carts is committed to bringing you the benefit of these years of experience as we support you and your new hot dog-cart business
      • You’ll need to have your business plan approved by the Health Department in your city before you purchase your equipment. (They may have special requirements about buying an off-the-shelf vending cart.)
      • Seek out and observe some busy hot dog operations and take notes.
      • Research and seek out profitable locations.

        How To Relish Success As A Hot Dog Vendor


        Here are a few things you’ll need to consider you will have to know and do to make money!
        • It takes hard work – anytime you want to generate an income, you’ve got to physically go outside, prepare your cart for service, and sell to make money.
        • It’s not a get rich quick business – if you think you’re going to take your cart out and immediately begin making $100,000 in net revenue, you’ll more than likely be disappointed in the results.
        • You’ll have to deal with the public – anytime you operate a customer service based business (including a hot dog stand), you will encounter challenging people. Eventually, someone is going to complain about the quality, taste, or temperature of their hot dog (even if nothing is wrong with the product).
         Above ALL Selling the best possible hot dogs will guarantee repeat business.
      Drawing in that first new customer (and turning them into a repeat customer) is completely up to you, it’s all in the presentation.
    • If you contact DreamMakers be-sure to tell them Jeannette Goldman your neighbor sent you!
    • Customizing Is A DREAM come true at DreamMakers!

  • Before you make a decision to get into the business take my FREE assessment it also includes a FREE one hour consultation call. It doesn’t hurt to know if you have the qualities, skills and strengths  to be in your own food business.