Four Tips On How To Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back For More

In several of my previous posts, I’ve gone over how to find your target customers.
In this post I want to go over how to keep them!
It means getting to know them so well that they refuse to go to any other restaurant.
That may sound a bit too persuasive or personal but it’s the customer who makes the final decision about what they want to eat.
You need to find out what they want to eat!
To keep customers coming back to your restaurant you need to be proactive.
You Must Build Rapport, Trust, Consistency and Respect

How do you this?
Here Are Four Tips!


TIP 1 ~Keep Your Menu Fresh and In the NOW!
Great food will keep customers coming back to any restaurant, but sometimes, even the most loyal customers become bored with your cuisine. To stop this from happening, entice your customers with specials and “limited time only” offerings.
Use social media to get your customers feedback about your new items and suggestions for other selections. You can also feature new twists on old favorites. Using your POS system, you’ll be able to assess the success of these new items and whether you should repeat, tweak or even add them to your new menu down the road.
TIP 2 ~An A+ Loyalty Program

It is a great way to keep customers coming back to your restaurant and more often, too.
 A loyalty systems data company called Loyalogy, provides a program that can increase the frequency of customers’ visits by 35 percent. Loyalty software programs have become easier, to execute and integrate with many POS systems.
TIP 3 ~ Find Ways To Speed Up Service

Slow service will not cultivate repeat customers! While loyalty programs keep customers coming back to restaurants, nothing will chase away a customer faster than slow service.
If you are a quick service or counter service concept restaurant, enhance your POS system with a kiosk where customers can place and even pay for orders.
If you are a full service casual restaurant concept, there’s the option to help keep customers coming back by replacing manual order-taking methods with mobile POS devices that work the same way as described above.
Orders can be transmitted straight from customers’ tables to the kitchen and/or bar staff. This helps preparing food faster and cuts down on frustrating wait time. The whole process goes faster in fact; drinks and appetizers can sometimes be on the table before patrons have finished ordering their meals.
TIP 4 ~ Stay On Your Existing Customers Radar 

Advertising is great, but it can be a hit or miss and expensive. Until you know what really, works stay on budget. Even if you can afford it, it may not be enough to keep your restaurant in the forefront of your customer’s minds.
Accumulate a customer database in your POS system use it as a source and send customers mailers with information about new menu items, promotions, or special themed events. Convey similar information on your restaurant’s website, Facebook and social media pages. And remember communicate only with those who want to receive notifications!


Keeping customers coming back to your restaurant may not always be an easy task, but there are ways to do it!

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