Foul Mouth Vegans Don’t Eat Fowl (explicit language)

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Foul Mouth Vegans Don’t Eat Fowl (explicit language)


I don’t usually let my personal feelings heat up in my posts but I couldn’t stop myself, I’m apologizing right from the start. I need to rant and I’m not a chicken!

The vegan duo behind a crass (they curse a lot) but undeniably entertaining health food blog, Thug Kitchen, is coming out with a cookbook – under the same name “Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F – – k.”

foul mouth thug kitchen couple

chili thug style

Everyone deserves to feel a part of our push toward a healthier diet, not just people with disposable incomes who speak a certain way. So we’re here to help cut through the bull#hit. Promoting accessibility and community are important as f#ck here at Thug Kitchen. We’ve got a big table and everyone is welcome to it. Kitchen Thug Duo

After recently revealing themselves as the tag-team behind the Thug Kitchen blog writers, they were dealt with forms of protest nationwide. As a white couple from Hollywood, the loose use of “thug” has become an issue for many. Is calling their book “thug kitchen” racist?

We blow people up in non-stop bloody scenes, disrespect women, children and people from other countries and all lifestyles in every movie theater in America and pay $10 to see them. How often do you really hear anyone accuse any of those actors, producers, directors, and writers of being a racist-no we give them awards for their books and movies. But we are more than ready to accuse this couple of being racist for using the word thug! This is pretty sad 🙁

Give this duo a BREAK-they want everyone to make better food choices and going the extra mile to teach and educate with their blog and cookbook!

Don’t buy the book if you’re pissed off about the title and the language, just like those who choose not see and spend money on blood bath, disrespectful, and obnoxious flicks!

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice.

I see more racist remarks and behavior in cartoons and TV sitcoms. We are becoming more back ass backward by the second!!! Some higher power needs to intervene…or else we are going to eat ourselves into zombism…

The Thug Kitchen blog and cookbook are trying to intervene, maybe not the way some would like them to but you have to admit they’re getting ATTENTION.

The only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet. 

I say EAT what you want to EAT, stop using the race card on this Duo it’s just not true- Know when to fold them like whip cream into making mousse, hope that’s not to racist!

Back to the Thug Kitchen!

Talk about a THEME!


Ok so they curse a lot that’s their NICHE! [Tweet “They’re trying to attract foul mouth people who want to eat healthier (just because filth comes out of their mouth in the form of words) doesn’t mean they want to eat filth in it’s chewable form. “]

They’re just going after their target markets, foul mouth Vegans, Organic conscious eaters, anyone who wants to change their eating habits regardless of who they are and can handle four letter words!

 We’ve got a big table and everyone is welcome to it. Kitchen Thug Duo

Look at these delicious health choices tell me you don’t want to check their foul mouth recipes out?

it's all about the bass-ics

They were expected to tour the Bay area before the launch of their cookbook, the couple have since canceled all appearances in the area due to the protests.

Those against the book and both its title and profanity, call themselves ethical vegans!

Ethical! They should go protest the treatment of farm animals if they want to do the right thing!

Excerpt from the book.

snippit from the the thug kitchen cook book

Still, there are many huge supporters of the book and its writers.

Gwyneth Paltrow, author of Goop, is singing their praises and helping launch their book.

Even with the uproar, it’s hard to take issue with how much press they’ve brought to vegan cooking and their hip blog.     Sign-up here.

Find out for yourself what the hoopla is all about IF Four Letter Words don’t offend you.

Buy it now!

Thug Kitchen





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