Ford’s Garage St Pete is conveniently located on 1st Street South, just one block south of Central and under ten minutes from where I live! I noticed a review in the dining out section in a local magazine, St. Pete Life.

I had written about this themed restaurant back in 2015 after friends had dined in one. They said it was a fun experience, the food was delicious, and I should check it out.  I’m a firm believer in a themed restaurant, and they knew I would love to see another restaurant offering good food, cool ambiance and visually entertaining.

Unfortunately, I never physically made it that particular one but I did read up about it, and yes, I was impressed with the theme and menu they had created. Now that Ford’s Garage has come to my town of St. Pete Fl. I will get a chance to be in the driver’s seat and finally get the opportunity to experience first-hand, this excellent themed restaurant!

Six years ago on Wednesday, February 2012, Ford Motor Co. entered into a brand-licensing agreement with the  Ford’s Garage restaurant allowing them the rights to their iconic blue-oval logo, as well as other of the automotive giant’s brand imagery, including archived historical photos, images of vehicles and actual Model T’s. In exchange, the chain pays the automotive giant a flat fee that increases as Ford’s Garage grows.

“Ford Motor Company has always recognized innovation when it sees it, having access to the brand is a major benefit to the restaurant, allowing for greater expansion and franchising opportunities,” said Daniel P. Kearns, co-founder of FG Restaurant Group, which operates the three Ford’s Garage locations.

Ford is now rolling out restaurants along with its factory car lines!

“We are looking forward to expanding Ford’s Garage establishments around the nation and in our home state,” John Nens, Global Brand Licensing for Ford Motor Co. said. “The casual-dining industry allows us to bring the brand experience directly to the customer’s table.”

I can’t emphasize enough how important a theme is to your restaurant and here is a perfect example of a major corporation like Ford seeing the advantage it is to their brand/cars.

I’m not saying you have to join forces with a major name company to secure a successful restaurant startup I know it’s almost impossible for the average restaurant owner to merge their business with a giant company like Ford. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t limit your creativity on finding a theme to excite your target customers!

Your theme is part of what will draw people to your restaurant instead of your competition.

Let the examples of Ford’s Garage get your creative juices going!

By the theme below are some menu items at Ford’s Garage Restaurant named in conjunction with cars and the Ford Motor Company!





Ford may be a BIG name, but it’s the car theme that is the first thing drawing the people to this restaurant.

They carry the theme evening sink in the bathroom at the Ford Garage Restaurant is the coolest!


Ford likes the franchising aspect of the Ford Garage Restaurant because it will benefit their branding. The combination of marketing a famous brand with a restaurant is a great theme no doubt about it.

But you don’t need a great corporation to make your restaurant a success.

Great food and finding a theme your potential customers will be attracted to and find entertaining is a sure way to become successful!

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