Ford Is Rolling A Restaurant Model Theme Off Their Factory Line

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Well maybe indirectly off their factory line to be honest!

ford garage and ford auto factory line

Four years ago on Wednesday February 2012, Ford Motor Co. entered into a brand-licensing agreement with the  Ford’s Garage restaurant allowing them the rights to their iconic blue-oval logo, as well as other of the automotive giant’s brand imagery, including archived historical photos, images of vehicles and actual Model T’s. In exchange the chain pays the automotive giant a flat fee that increases as Ford’s Garage grows.

“Ford Motor Company has always recognized innovation when it sees it,” Daniel P. Kearns, co-founder of FG Restaurant Group, which operates the three Ford’s Garage locations, said. “Having access to the brand is a major benefit to the restaurant,” allowing for greater expansion and franchising opportunities.

Can you say theme in a real BIG way!!!


Ford's Garage

Ford Is Rolling A Restaurant Model Theme Off Their Factory Line

“We are looking forward to expanding the Ford’s Garage establishments around the nation and in our home state,” John Nens, Global Brand Licensing for Ford Motor Co. said. “The casual-dining industry allows us to bring the brand experience directly to the customer’s table.”

I can’t emphasize enough how important a theme is to your restaurant and here is a perfect example of a major corporation like Ford seeing the advantage it is to their brand/cars.

ford garge burgerbar in the ford's gargage restaurantford's restaurant oil can onion ring holder

The branding bun and the clamp wrapped around a service gas station attendants rag, the engine funnel used to put oil in a care engine used as an onion ring holder,  are part of the THEME which make the customer enjoy the meal even more…

In accordance to the theme below are some menu items at Ford’s Garage Restaurant named in conjunction to cars and the Ford Motor Company!

menu items at the Ford Garage restaurant





I know it’s almost impossible for the average restaurant owner to merge their business with a giant company like Ford but that shouldn’t limit your creativity on finding a theme to excite you’re your target customer’s!

Ford may be a BIG name but it’s the car theme that is really the first thing drawing the people to this restaurant.

ford garage restaurants bathroom sink The sink in the bathroom at the Ford Garage Restaurant.

Ford likes the franchising aspect of the Ford Garage Restaurant because it will benefit their branding. The combination of marketing a famous brand with a restaurant is a great theme no doubt about it. But you don’t need a famous corporation to make your restaurant a success.

Great food and finding a theme your potential customers will be attracted to and find entertaining is a sure way to become successful!

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Ford Is Rolling A Restaurant Model Theme Off Their Factory Line

ford garage and ford auto factory line

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