Food Trucker’s Drive & Grow Your Food Business In Your Pro Kitchen!

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food truck and opro kitchen

Are you’re looking to find a Commissary you can prep and cook your food in?

Do you need help getting permits to operate your business?

It has never been easier to get into the food business!

Your Pro Kitchen provides all the resources and helps you cut through all the red tape of starting a food business.

Today’s food truck culinary entrepreneurs are so fortunate to have this opportunity at their steering wheel.

If only I had had this opportunity, I wouldn’t have waited almost seven years to start my first food business.  I’m so jealous!

I’ve toured a few of these kitchens and was shocked to see such a clean, organized and professional set up. I could tell the moment I walked in that everyone there respected each others food space.When you’ve been in professional kitchens for as long as I have, you know immediately if it’s a well run and pleasant environment to work in.

Right here in my own back yard Tampa Bay Florida is a success story that got it start in a Your Pro Kitchen!


owners of kaixo

Kaixo Gourmet is a brand new food truck working out of Your Pro Kitchen Lutz.  They started in May of 2016,  and the owners have 20 years of culinary experience. They recently moved here from Basque Country (North of Spain) in December.  Talk about making your dreams come true.

Kaixo brings traditional Basque cuisine to the Tampa Community and has become a highly sought after food truck in the area.  Their goal,  to build a reputation and customer-base with their mobile food truck, and to eventually launch a catering division in Tampa specializing in their traditional Basque recipes.

 When you join Your Pro Kitchen, you get access to all these unbelievable amenities.

Kitchen Amenities

Kitchen 3Orlando Kitchen 2

  • Commercial stove tops with ovens
  • Commercial convection ovens
  • Reach-in refrigerators
  • Reach-in freezer
  • Clean & inspected fire suppressed hood vent system
  • Cooling / bakers racks
  • Three compartment sinks
  • Storage for equipment, small wares & dry food
  • Kitchens regularly inspected by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Business & Professional Regulations and the USDA.
  • Certified pest control
  • Large, clean restrooms
  • Food truck commissary
  • Mop sink with all cleaning supplies

Business Services

Office SpaceIMG_4071

  • Business address
  • Mail & package delivery
  • All Food & Vendor deliveries
  • Secure Wi-Fi Access
  • Staging for TV shows / production
  • Large areas for cooking classes
  • Client presentation area
  • Graphic Artist available for Logo design, website & labels

With all these amenities at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

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Client Spotlight: Oh-Pressed

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Your Pro Kitchen offers professionally-equipped, commercially licensed multi-station kitchen facilities for professional cooking and baking across the country.

Maybe you’ll be feeding a president out of your Food Truck one day. Check my blog post below!

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