There tag line, “We Bring The Restaurant To You.”

Restaurants, Take-out &Delivery Once Flatlined, Now It’s A Steady Heartbeat To Success.

My business, Corporate Catering, was part of a short-lived delivery service called Take-Out Taxi.

What is successfully happening now, once was an exciting concept that flatlined in the food delivery service in the early ’90s in areas of Florida!

A few decades can make a big difference!

When we were approached by a sales rep to join the Take-out Taxi family of restaurants, it sounded great, and best of all, it would replace the task of finding and hiring delivery drivers!

It gave us the chance to save money on insurance because we let our drivers use our business vehicles. A great relief financially, let alone the stress of worrying they could get into an accident every time they left on a delivery.

We welcomed the relief!

Corporate Catering’s Goal

To deliver and serve restaurant quality food to businesses and their employees inside their facilities or at their desk/work station. The same quality and selections if they had eaten inside at a table.

On our pick up counter is a stack (to the right of the ) of Take-Out Taxi’s booklet of restaurant menus you could order.

On the first page inside were instructions on how to order etc. it also had included reviews and information of each restaurant. Dual marketing, you could say, an excellent way to introduce your cuisine and get your name out there!


Unfortunately, Take-out Taxi never made it! At least not in our area of Florida.

We had to return to the difficult task of hiring our drivers.

Our business was a success, and I’m proud to say we sold it after five years for a decent profit.

It allowed us to continue investing in other business opportunities.

I saw the lack of time people had for lunch and the lack of quality and healthy food choices. Serving the types of cuisine I had been cooking at the fine dining, and casual restaurants allowed me to feed people the cuisine they deserved, and I enjoyed making.

I like to say, “We had delivery drivers before delivery drivers were cool”!


Restaurant and delivery takeout services are a welcome alternative to working people and parents who want to relax at home but are hard-pressed to make their meals.

It has become the only way during COVID-19 to get cooked meals pretty much!

Before this pandemic took hold, research from the Association shows that about one-third of consumers say that purchasing restaurant takeout is an essential part of their lifestyle.

Besides, nearly half of adults and millennials say an essential factor in choosing a sit-down restaurant is the availability of takeout or delivery options.

The most common ways of ordering takeout include phone and online.

Many restaurants can receive text-message orders and orders through restaurant apps from mobile devices.

Takeout Tips

Put Thought Into The Menu

An easy-to-read and audience-centric menu is just as crucial to takeout as it is to a central dining area.

The menu should include all food choices that can safely and efficiently!

Set up a takeout area

Consider having a separate counter or parking area for takeout customers. Treat it as its own business with clear, proper signage. If there’s not enough space for a different area, you might use the end of the bar.

Utilize an accurate order system, such as Point of Sale (POS) software.

Train your staff to complete their tasks correctly and efficiently the first time.

You have one chance to get the order right; otherwise, the customer might not return.

Accuracy Accuracy

Check for accuracy during and after order production. Ensure the food is what the customer wanted. Verify that every item the customer expects is present, including bread, sides, napkins, and utensils. Whenever possible, go over the order with the customer at the point of pickup.

Use foolproof packaging

Takeout packaging must maintain the quality and integrity of your restaurant’s food. Containers should be durable to prevent leaking and resist breaking. Food items and utensils should be correctly packed and stacked in bags or boxes. Packaging that allows for reheating is another big plus.

Drive-thru Is No Longer Limited To Fast Food

Including a drive-thru in your restaurant is like adding a separate business, both physically and operationally.

Cost-wise, you can expect that about 50 percent of your total capital can go into the drive-thru. But because it can account for up to 75 percent of your restaurant’s total revenues, you may want to give it some thought as you plan your restaurant startup.

It’s a darn good return on investment.

So, if you’re planning to open a restaurant, a drive-thru should be a priority, not an afterthought!

With thorough planning and execution, your takeout business can have an exciting impact on your business.

Learn How To Start A Successful Restaurant

man standing at a start line









Define your audiences and consider how to market to them both on-site and to the surrounding area. If you are close to starting or growing a takeout business, be familiar and develop ordering methods that appeal to your customer base.

Take-out provides an excellent opportunity to market your brand and your restaurant as well as to increase your sales. Even during the pandemic, you can still improve your restaurant sales.